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Chuck Grassley Is Too Old

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Stop running and retire.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa was born during the Great Depression.

He was born before Hitler rose to power; he attended college in 1955 (when tuition cost $159); his predecessor upon his first election to US Congress was born in 1899. Grassley won his first election in 1959 and served in the Iowa House of Representatives until 1975. He was succeeded, after leaving for national office, by Raymond A. Lageschulte. That man’s picture on the official website of Iowa is in black and white.

Senator Chuck Grassley is now 88-years-old. He was once again reelected this week. By the end of this term, he will be 95.

That is too old.

Grassley has done a push this cycle to combat chatter about his maturity by cosplaying as a fitness influencer. In addition to his usual barrage of odd tweets about volleyball scores, he has posted videos of his early morning runs. He has, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, shown his brittle bones moving up and down in push-up form.

Grassley’s apparent commitment to posting his workouts, as Politico noted in a recent look at Congress’ gerontocracy problems, exposes issues beyond fitness. (Despite the scary reporting about Senator Dianne Feinstein.) The heart of the complaint is “an increasingly impenetrable elite with entrenched habits [holding] jobs that get treated like entitlements and coteries of courtiers who disconnect them from the zeitgeist.”

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