Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets

Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets here.

Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets

Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Christmas gifts for the true kings of the house: our pets

The people who live with pets have it very clear that they deserve everything, are part of our family and we love them madly (almost as much as our partner, I would dare to say now that he does not listen to me …).

Therefore, they also deserve their Christmas gift like anyone and the possibilities of making them happy are so wide that it has been quite difficult to reduce them to six unique proposals . Of course, we are sure that these ideas to give to our best friends are a sure hit:

For cats

Sometimes the simplest is also the most fun – never forget that for a cat a simple box is synonymous with an amusement park- that is why this set of toys with cane and feathers for cats is a guaranteed success (which also allows us to spend time playing with them and strengthen the bond).

A set of seven toys made with natural wooden sticks, hemp rope and feathers (with a very cute design) that will favor your desire to be active -the feathers drive you crazy, I attest- and that we found on Amazon for only 05, 99 euros.

Interactive Feather Cat Toys

Something more sophisticated (and comfortable) is this interactive toy that we can control from the sofa with the remote control, for the days when we are so exhausted that we cannot even play with our best friend, but we want him to move to keep him agile.

It is a small toy that suspiciously resembles a Minion, that although we can move at will for the kitten to chase it from a distance, has its own infrared sensor to flee as soon as it detects our pet . We found it on Amazon for only 17, 99 euros.

Remote Control Smart Pet Escape Toy

A combination of technology and feathers (what most awakens the hunting instinct of our kittens) is this interactive toy that consists of six cavities through which some randomly appear. nibs . This will make our cat try to catch them, promoting their agility and instinct.

An original option that is sure to provide you with hours of fun that we can find on Amazon by 49, 99 euros.

Interactive Cat Toys with 2 Pens Automatic Shutdown 3 Switching Modes

For dogs

People with a medium or large dog as is my case – I actually share a flat with a dog and a cat – we know what they enjoy with rope chew toys and stuffed animals , but how quickly they deteriorate (not because of low quality, but because of hours of use).

`For this reason, you can never have enough, since it is also a way for our friend to release energy and waste happiness. This pack of seven toys is perfect to give you all the whip you want, it also has very own Christmas motifs for just 16, 142 euros.

pack of toys for dogs Chew Toy

More stuffed animals to chew on, but this time with sound -another detail that they love, although it drives us a little crazy – this vintage-style burrito is as adorable as it is fun.

The teddy has different tones depending on each part of the body that they bite and this awakens their instincts, amuses them and even provides them with a way to communicate (I know perfectly well that my puppy is happy with the speed with which he activates the sound of the teddy ). We found it on Amazon by 13, 99 euros.

Stuffed Animals for Dogs with sound

Finally, a game ideal to develop your sense of smell and instinct , which also It will be especially beneficial for you if you are a little anxious about food: this training trough. A design that will slow down how we say the moment of swallowing food and will avoid digestion problems while having fun.

The toy feeder is one of the simplest, ideal even for puppies or small kittens. We can find it for sale on Amazon for only 17, 93 euros (with shipping on time for Christmas included, always you are a Prime member).

Dog training bowl

Other featured purchases on Amazon

Without leaving Amazon and in a different category of products, we record three quite interesting purchases among the favorites on the web:

. Aigostar Hayden Pro with 1500 W of power, to prepare fried foods and other dishes in a healthy way by 69, 142 59, 99 euros.

Aigostar Hayden Pro Oil Free Air Fryer, 1500 W, removable non-stick basket, timer, automatic shutdown. BPA free. Exclusive design.

The most recommended super-automatic coffee machine: De’longhi Magnifica S with 15 pressure bars to drink freshly ground coffee at home like a pro by 142, 90 euros.

De’longhi Magnifica S – Super Automatic Coffee Maker with 15 Pressure Bars, Coffee Maker for Espresso and Cappuccino, 15 Adjustable Programs, …

Amazon’s Advent calendar: So complete that this year it includes everything from a hair straightener to a Foreo facial cleanser by 69, 95 52, 49 euros.

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