Christmas and Three Kings gifts for beer lovers

Christmas and Three Kings gifts for beer lovers

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Christmas Gifts and Kings for beer lovers here.

Christmas and Three Kings gifts for beer lovers

Christmas and Three Kings gifts for beer lovers We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Christmas and Three Kings gifts for beer lovers Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Christmas and Three Kings gifts for beer lovers

Lovers of beer are in luck (and those who want to give it a gift too) because We have found five very top ideas to give for Christmas -some have shipping the next day- and Kings for fans of this drink.

From a craft beer set to a complete kit so that you can make it at home, these are some of the perfect gifts that we find in Amazon for true beer fans:

AMAZON GO We visit the store of the FUTURE

A kit to brew your own beer

The first of our ideas is this kit to make craft beer with everything you need to do it simply at home. A very complete kit -for a reason it is the best-seller on Amazon with an average score of 4.4 stars among buyers- designed to make Tripel Blonde Ale, a triple Malt beer (although we can choose other types of beer).

According to the manufacturer, to create the perfect recipe you only have to follow eight simple steps. This Beer is available on Amazon by 69, 91 euros (although the price may vary if you choose another variety of beer).

#Cervezanía – Tripel Blonde Ale craft beer kit | With Belgian abbey yeast

A set of craft beers

But if you don’t see him as too skilled to start creating his own beer, but he loves to enjoy a good craft bottle, this pack of Mica craft beers with a tasting of 6 types (two blonde Ale, two Ipa and two Ale) is perfect.

It comes in an ideal presentation to give as a gift with a reusable wooden box. Each bottle of beer is 33 cl and we can find it for sale on Amazon -where it counts with the best-seller tag and an average rating of 4.4 stars among buyers – for only 19, 95 euros.

MiCA – Tasting Pack 6 Craft Beers – Wood Gift Box – 2 units Blonde Premium Ale, 2 units Ipa and 2 units Ale – bottles 33 cl

A beer cooler with opener

Beer has to be served cold to be enjoyed properly , but sometimes not we find out the exact temperature until we take the first sip (and it’s too late to cool it down).

For that cumbersome moment, we have found this cooler that is inserted into the bottle (previously it is advisable to have it in the freezer to cool, of course) and it chills instantly, keeping it that way for longer. We found it on Amazon in a pack of two with an opener included for only 20, 95 euros.

Original Gift 2 Beer Bottle Coolers and Multifunction Opener – Stainless Steel Utensil Accessory, Idea Christmas Kings Birthday Man Father Friend Invisible Funny Special Geeks

A pack of German beers

Another interesting pack of beers to give to connoisseurs of this drink is this one from 12 German varieties. A very specific pack for those who love German proposals that includes an explanatory brochure giving details of each of the bottles.

The set comes in a kraft-type box perfect for gifts and we found it on Amazon -where it has an average score of 4.7 stars among more than 100 buyers above- by only 21, 99 euros the pack of 12 bottles .

German Beers (Pack 12 varieties) – German Beer – German Beer Pack – World Beers Gift – World Beers Gift Pack – World Beers – Beer Gift – Beer Gift

A jar custom beer

Finally, a personalized detail is always welcome and this vintage-looking beer mug with the name and year of birth is perfect. The glass jug has a handle to add comfort when taking each sip and an XL size for true brewers.

Personalized gift for birthday: Vintage Beer Mug engraved with your Name, Age and year of Birth

In addition to this design, we can choose others as nice as that of your favorite soccer team with the phrase: Not only am I perfect, I’m Bético (or any other team much less interesting of course) all of them are for sale on Amazon for only 20, 95 euros.

Featured Products

And you dare to take advantage and launch yourself to try new recipes, we leave you three products for sale on Amazon that are not only on sale, but will make our lives easier.

Favorite oil-free fryer: The Aigostar, one of the best rated in its category, with one.450 W power per 72, 99 euros 59, 99 euros .

Aigostar Oil Free Air Fryer

Cecotec’s highest rated multifunction kitchen robot : the Mambo 1009 , a way to save time (and effort) in the kitchen, which we now find reduced by 500 euros 299 euros .

Cecotec Mambo Multifunction Kitchen Robot

The 4th Gen Echo Dot Assistant with 6 Months of Free Amazon Music: Perfect to help us with our daily routines, from checking the news, listening to music or even guiding us as we prepare the most delicious recipes today by 119, 99 21, 99 euros.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Anthracite Fabric + Amazon Music Unlimited (6 Months FREE with Auto Renewal)

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