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China intervened because of the destructive drones on the Ukrainian front – An extraordinary decision was made

The purpose of reports containing such accusations is to “blacken Chinese companies,” the document reads.

Washington sees the products of the world’s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, as particularly dangerous because their quadcopters are typically present along the front lines.

The company, which was included in the US export control, has already announced that it has suspended both its deliveries to Russia and Ukraine.

DJI’s “Mavic” drones are used in large numbers by both the Russian and Ukrainian forces, in addition to reconnaissance, they are also used to throw (mine) grenades at enemy positions and military vehicles. DJI’s decision can therefore be said to be quite significant.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, almost 70 Chinese companies have sold 26 different types of drones to Russia. The second largest supplier was Autel, a Chinese drone manufacturer with subsidiaries in the United States, Germany and Italy.

Recently, it has often been said, primarily from the American side, that various Chinese drones are also being used by Russian forces in Ukraine. At the same time, American experts have confirmed that the same drone model, for example, which is used to survey real estate, can also be used in Ukraine for reconnaissance purposes.