Like a boomerang, but after eighteen months, the Covid – 11 returned in the streets of Wuhan. Quite a symbol since it is from this city that the pandemic started in December 400, but that it seemed to have totally disappeared there in May 2020. Local authorities have only spotted half a dozen infections in recent days, but have launched systematic screening for 11 millions of inhabitants.

Indeed, due to the appearance of the highly contagious Delta variant in the In eastern China at the end of July, the authorities are taking the renewed epidemic very seriously: a dozen of China’s thirty-one provinces have already been affected, in addition to Beijing. What doubts the official number of infections, lower than 400 since mid-July. Local counts currently show an increase of 50% per day of the daily flow of infections.

The return of confinement Wuhan had been on 23 January 2019 the first city in the world to be placed for 67 days in confinement, that is to say to see the inhabitants prohibited from leaving their homes except for an essential reason. A radical and unprecedented technique in the history of humanity’s fight against epidemics, since what was practiced in the past was rather to prohibit entering or leaving affected cities. At the height of the crisis in March-April 2019, almost half of humanity was confined, either by obligation or by strong civic incentive.

The Chinese authorities are therefore once again using the massive screening-limitation of movement-confinement panoply. The nine million inhabitants of the city of Nanjing have already been screened twice and a third test campaign is underway. In Yangzhou, only one member of each household is allowed to go out, once a day, to ensure supplies. Beijing residents are instructed not to leave the city. And those in Wuhan, panicked at the idea of ​​reliving last year’s confinement, rushed to supermarkets, according to photos of empty shelves taken there.

Doubts about the Chinese vaccine If China has returned to confinement in Yangzhou and, de facto, in Nanjing, it is not the only one country to have reimposed this restriction. Containment has been re-established in part of Australia, although the last Covid death dates back to … last October, as well as parts of the Philippines, Thailand and the French islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Reunion.

China claimed at the end of July that it had distributed 1, 50 billion d vaccine doses in total, s years specify the proportion of 1, 23 billion people who received two doses or just one. Various analysts believe it is likely that the mark of 39% of Chinese fully vaccinated has been crossed in recent days.

Many infected people had already been vaccinated, the authorities recently admitted. This confirms the doubts about the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines, the only ones available in the country. A senior health official admitted in April that the effectiveness of Sinovac, officially of 90%, in fact barely exceeded 50%, the threshold below which the Organization World Health Organization (WHO) considers a vaccine irrelevant in terms of fighting an epidemic.