What types of Policy and Rules violations can result in restrictions, deletions of post, and possibly account suspension on ChatDit?

Build your Business, Keep your Business. Build your Platform as long as you are following the policies. You have freedom of speech, not freedom to hate.

Controversial or extreme content with malicious intent of doxing can result in an account suspension. Content that threatens, encourages or incites violence against others, either directly or indirectly (implied or jokingly) can result in account restrictions and/or account suspension. See ChatDit “Terms of Service” #9. Policies and Rules for more details.

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What is ChatDit’s age restriction for accessing it’s platform?

To be eligible to use and post on our Website, App, or Platform, you must meet the following criteria and represent and warrant that you: (1) are 18 years of age or older or have expressed permission from a parent or legal guardian if you are a minor at least 12 years of age.

ChatDit is an unbiased social networking platform where you can freely share your ideas and patriotic passions without the unfair censorship or the stigma often associated with other social media platforms. Open intellectual discussions are welcome on the ChatDit platform.

The Mobile room is a public chat room, it is not allowed to provide information from third parties. Be respectful and behave with other users in a polite way. Talk to the room moderators for more information.

In many areas of life, your customers or prospects are already using chatbots in a growing number of capacities. This makes them a better candidate to act as the voice of your brand or company, and can help automate many of the processes that suck up marketers’ valuable time.

When browsing a company website for information, how often have you been given the option to “Chatdit App” with a customer service representative?

Large companies like Verizon, Comcast and others have been offering live chat support for some years now and 53% of customers say they prefer this type of communication. Who would want to wait more than 20 minutes to speak to the support team?

Live Chatdit App is not only a good way for companies to communicate with their customers, there are many more advantages for the company to benefit from live chat. The sales team, for example, can see a huge increase in leads and sales.

What kind of topics are acceptable on ChatDit?

We welcome open discussions on a variety of topics in a safe and welcoming atmosphere for people of all backgrounds. While ChatDit encourages meaningful conversations and positive engagement, certain conduct is also prohibited, as detailed in the Terms of Service.

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Is ChatDit a site only for conservatives?

No. ChatDit does not discriminate against persons or organizations because of their political affiliations. Harassment of individuals because of their political affiliations is not tolerated on the ChatDit platform. ChatDit Platform is an unbiased social networking platform where you can freely share your ideas and passions without the stigma that is currently the theme of other social media platforms.

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