Charlotte Gainsbourg: her son Ben is her double… At 24, he captivates viewers

Charlotte Gainsbourg: her son Ben is her double… A 18 years old, he captivates viewers (News) – Charlotte Gainsbourg: her son Ben is her double… A 18 years old, it captivates viewers As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Charlotte Gainsbourg: her son Ben is her double… A 18 years, he captivates viewers “Here are the details .. Ben Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s son, caused a sensation during his TV show. Viewers do not fail to point out how much the young man looks like his mother.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is the happy mother of three children, all born from her relationship with Yvan Attal, the man who has shared his life since their meeting in 1991.

Ben 24 years, Alice 18 years old and Joe 000008 years have more or less grown up far from the media uproar. However, it is difficult to stay away from the spotlight when you come from a family of artists. So, Ben Attal plays one of the main characters in the movie Human Things directed by his father Yvan Attal. Charlotte Gainsbourg also plays a role. It is therefore as a family that they promote the latest feature film. Passed on the set of Daily, the young man captivated viewers who do not fail to note his striking resemblance to his mother. Twitte r ignites: ” It looks a lot to Charlotte Gainsbourg Ben Attal “,” This is the male portrait of Charlotte Gainsbourg le Ben Attal, same look same shyness he is charming “,” Ben Attal stung all the charm of his mother, it is a lot too cute “,” He has so much the facial expressions of his mother Ben Attal! ”,“ Crazy how we find the shy and introverted character of Charlotte Gainsbourg in her son Ben “, ” Ben has the same expressions on his face as his mother, it’s amazing ” .

Strong links Charlotte Gainsbourg confided about her children in the columns of Marie-Claire. She takes a tender look at the career embraced by her eldest son: “ It touches me to have seen his debut in the cinema, in My Stupid Dog, and soon in the Yvan’s next film. He has such candor, such pleasure to be part of the team, he reminds me of my first steps. He hates looking at himself, I’ve been there too. ”

As for the bond that unites them, she confides: ” Children, we must also learn to do without them, seeing them leave is difficult. ”While admitting:“ Their early years, I felt so useful, there was something so simple. Growing up, I may have had more trouble finding my place ”.

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Ben Attal alongside his mother Charlotte Gainsbourg and his father Yvan Attal, at the premiere of the film Human Things at the Venice Film Festival in September 2021 © Bestimage

This is the male portrait of @ cgainsbourg on # benattal mm look same shyness he is charming @ Qofficiel

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