News: Charlene of Monaco “almost died in South Africa” ​​and would be “fed on straw for more than 6 months” Stuck in Africa, was Charlene of Monaco in a better state? criticism that the palace did not want to let it know? Sources tell Page Six that the princess almost died on the spot and has not eaten solid food for six months. The princess would not be of order of mental health but would suffer from the direct consequences of the multiple operations undergone to fight against her serious infection of the ENT sphere.

After six long days spent in South Africa, far from his family, Charlene de Monaco returned to the principality at the beginning of November. The princess, who fought against a serious infection of the ENT sphere, is not fully recovered. In an interview with People last week, Prince Albert gave news of his wife who is currently followed in a specialized establishment , “ outside Monaco elsewhere in Europe ”. A necessary distance ” for confidentiality reasons “. Troubled, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella suffers from a ” profound exhaustion, both emotional and physical “.

However, sources exclusively claim in the columns of Page Six that the princess was in serious condition. The magazine advances according to the confidences of sources: ” Friends fear that the princely family of Monaco has downplayed the seriousness of his condition after the interview with Prince Albert dating from the week last in which he affirmed that she had been admitted in a specialized structure on her return to the principality. ”

The source states in the columns of Page Six : ” It is unfair that it is presented as having a sort of mental or emotional problem “And to clarify:” We do not know why the palace minimizes the fact that she failed die in South Africa ”.

The source recalls that Charlene from Monaco suffered from a heavy infection of the ear , nose and throat, resulting in ” severe sinus problems and swallowing from a previous operation ”. What impact his life on a daily basis. According to this source, the princess has not been able ” to eat solid food for more than six months due to all the operations it has undergone since ”. This same source gives further details: “ She could only ingest liquids using a straw, so she lost almost half of her weight. ”.

Thanks to this source, Page Six understands that Princess Charlene “ is not losing her mind at all and does not suffer from mental health issues. “This source states that she” is exhausted by six months of surgical operations and an inability to eat properly from these operations “.

She adds:” She missed her children and her husband desperately while she was stranded in South Africa because she couldn’t go home. ”

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