Charging Phones In The Car Takes Ages, You Need to Stop It

You’d never know it, but the way you charge your phone can be crucial for not only your electricity bills and safety but also the lifespan of its battery. Do you know, for example, that car-charging your phone may be a bad idea? Your phone will juice up at a snail’s pace or maybe not at all!

 Or you can get the opposite situation. Too much voltage can go into your phone. Before you know it, your little digital buddy is toast!By the way, guys, you shouldn’t charge your phone at a train station or those USB hubs in airports either. Same goes for cafes. “The only traveling I do is to the mall to shop!” 

Ok, but it’s still not a good place to plug your phone in. Didn’t you know that? Then check out these tips about the right way to charge your phone, so you can use it in the best way possible and avoid any dangers.

jump in shade’s on start the ignition

seat belt check phone in the charger

of course but stop right there the usb

ports in modern cars usually have

less electricity than today’s

smartphones need meaning

your phone will juice up at a snail’s

pace or maybe not at all

especially if you’re using it say for

navigation that

or your super smart power hungry device

will try to drink up electricity faster

than the port can handle

if you use the 12 volt lighter port you

can get the opposite situation

an adapter that malfunctions won’t do

its job of converting that power flow

too much voltage can go into your phone

before you know it

your little digital buddy is toast uh-oh

another thing about car charging is that

most of us let’s admit it

use cheap gas station chargers when you

don’t use the manufacturers

you risk damaging your battery or even

frying your device

if you’re still not convinced there’s

this a completely drained phone

pulls about two percent of a car

batteries juice

not a big deal but hey that can add up

and if anything

it comes down to personal safety when

you’re driving

loose items lying around your car or in

someone’s hands

can turn into dangerous projectiles your

phone tablet

coffee tumbler you name it when you’re

going highway speeds and come to a


unexpected stop those items continue to

go highway speeds

if they hit you going that fast well you

get it

literally secure your stuff or keep it

all in the trunk

your car is a bad idea a rental is a 100

percent no go

the usb port is basically public there


think about cyber security to make your

charge safer

you can either use your own adapter or

wait until you find a safe plug

okay you travel other ways but don’t

charge your phone at a train station

or those usb hubs and airports either

ever heard of juice jacking nah they

don’t swipe your orange juice while

you’re not looking

your data can be extracted via usb port

the battery’s full but your phone’s also

full of malware

and your personal data got copied

charging at a public hub can even let

bad guys remotely turn your camera or

microphone on

hey say something smart same goes for


but here most of us charge on the laptop

you get the same problem as in the car

your phone will try to drink too much

but smartphones are called smart for a


they’ll purposely take less knowing

there’s other data using the same power


bottom line it’ll take forever and a day

to charge up

well the only traveling i do is to the

mall to shop

okay but it’s still not a good place to

plug your phone in

a lot of these scams operate in crowded

malls they steal your banking


and then go shopping too

yes your home electric sockets are the

safest place for charging

but avoid it during a thunderstorm

lightning striking near an electrical

pole can send

a tsunami of power through the lines and

into your sockets

you get a serving of phone toast once


the house is usually good the bedroom is


what i mean is charging your phone near

your bed can be

hazardous if the cable is worn out or


it can cause a fire or if you’re like me

worried about not hearing the alarm so

you put the phone right on the bed with


not good if the pillow gets on it the

phone can overheat and catch on fire

and phones more specifically their blue

screens are sleep steelers

i know you’ll still fall asleep to

youtube videos because i do too

but if you don’t want to wake up to a

drained battery

since you can’t charge near the bed just

set a timer for your multimedia

it’s the stop playing option and it lets

you choose how long you want something

to play

before it turns off automatically

speaking of fires

there’s a myth that phones can cause

them at a gas station

gas is extremely flammable but to start

a fire

you need at least a spark static

electricity or matches can do that

a phone even a faulting one not likely

they put no cell phone signs up at gas

stations to prevent

cell distracted drivers from forgetting

the nozzle in their tank

and ripping the thing off the pump when

they drive away

oh you who forget something another

common myth

is that you can save a soaked phone by

putting it in a bowl of uncooked rice

rice absorbs water just like any other

grain but it only does that when it

comes in direct contact with the water

if the phone’s wet on the inside rice

won’t help

it can actually corrode your device if

the starch works its way in through the

cracks and ports

so that’s a no for the smartphone sushi

the hairdryer is no option either

use silica gel packets instead and don’t

believe a shop assistant telling you

your phone can ruin your bank card

they just want you to buy a card holder

since they earn more from

upselling accessories any plastic card

is composed of millions of microscopic

magnetic particles that magnetic stripe

is hard to demagnetize since it’s slim

phones aren’t powerful enough to do that

it’s also not true

that you can be tracked by your sim card

tracking is all about the imei number

any phone has it’s transmitted to the

nearest cell tower

and gives you away a sim card can’t

track you

but your iphone does at least it keeps

tabs of all the places you like to visit

to check it go to settings privacy

location services

and system services it’ll be in frequent


android devices do the same under

location history

in google maps geolocation apps are also

infamous for eating up all the charge

keep those off and make sure you have

the camera closed

and the fewest app alerts on to save

some energy

otherwise you might need an emergency

stop at some unsafe public hub

oh by the way if there’s no explanation

why your phone goes through its charge

so fast

consider cyber security it could be a

red flag that your phone’s been hacked

and someone else is using it too could

be watching or

listening to you rumor has it that 4g

uses more data than 3g

the pages you load are the same no

matter which g you’re on

right the latter is way faster but it’s

like eating a burger

if i gulp mine down more quickly than

you it’s a question of

speed not the size of the burger same

goes for 5g too

gosh now i’m hungry there is something

you can do to control data usage

turn off the apps that hog it turn off

automatic file uploading to any

of your clouds get rid of all the

automatic updates

if you want some music or a podcast

download it beforehand

streaming chugs your data too oh yeah

and you can take pictures without enough


if your storage is full and you need to

snap a pic

open one of your social media apps take

a photo when you start a new post

the pic will be in your camera roll hey