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    The Truth About Airplane Mode and 20 Myths About Your Phone

    The Truth About Airplane Mode and 20 Myths About Your Mobile Phone Once upon a time, in a little town, there lived a boy who dried his mobile phone with a hairdryer and never put it in airplane mode before take-off. People told him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. So the passengers duck-taped him […] More

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    Don't Charge Your Phone in a Case, I'll Tell You Why

    How to speed up your smartphone? Why doesn’t your phone battery last very long anymore? Why do apps keep crashing? Can it be something you’ve been doing wrong?  Did you know, for example, why you shouldn’t use your phone as a camera too often? Or why it’s better to switch to Airplane Mode when the […] More

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    Alternative to YouTube 5 Free Video Sites and Features

    If you are tired of just watching YouTube, if you want to discover different video sites and do not know what you can use as an alternative free video site to YouTube, I suggest you take a look at the video sites that I will briefly provide below. As it is known, YouTube was founded […] More