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    Dragon Ball Z: The Strongest Fighter in the Series, Revealed

    Becoming the world’s strongest is so important in the Dragon Ball mythos that it’s even the title of one of the movies.. If there’s one thing the Dragon Ball franchise definitely isn’t lacking, it’s mighty warriors eager to fight at the slightest provocation. But who among them is really the strongest fight of them all? […] More

  • 10 More Powers You Never Knew He Had

    Hulk: 10 More Powers You Never Knew He Had

    For most people being the strongest person in the Marvel Universe might be enough of a superpower to get one by. Since most of us don’t have any superpowers one is just fine, and one as powerful as the Hulk’s is even better. That’s not how the Hulk rolls, though. When Bruce Banner did his […] More

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    Netflix’s Extraction – Ending Explained

    Netflix’s new movie, Extraction is jam-packed with all kinds of action-hero goodness, and IGN was lucky enough to host another episode of Watch From Home Theater with the star of the film, Chris Hemsworth, writer/director Joe Russo, and the director of the movie, Sam Hargrave, where they were kind enough to give us some insight […] More

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    Watch Extraction full hd one piece Movie HD Download

    The subtraction is an upcoming American action thriller directed by Sam Hargrave and Joe Russo’s script. He portrays Chris Hemsworth, David Harbor, Manoj Bajpayee, Marc Donato, Fay Masterson, Randeep Hooda, Pankaj Tripathi and Derek Luke. It is scheduled to be released by Netflix on April 24, 2020. WATCH Extraction – Extract watch (2020), Extraction is […] More

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    V For Vendetta Download – (1080p Dual) Movie 4K

    V For Vendetta Download, published in 2005, is about what happened in the pursuit of the movie freedom struggle with thriller genre. As a result of the events in Great Britain, a fascist order has now dominated and the people have become afraid. Preparing to stand up against the oppressive society, the free fighter at […] More