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Carlos Sainz takes his first win at Silverstone

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full screenCarlos Sainz. Photo: Matt Dunham / AP

Carlos Sainz scored his first win of the season.

After an unrivaled drama at Silverstone.

– We made it! YES !!!!, Carlos Sainz rejoices after the victory.

The Silverstone race started with a real accident and in the restart Carlos Sainz kept the lead, but on lap 11 he made a mistake so that Max Verstappen, Red Bull could return to racing.

But the world champion only got one lap ahead, then had problems with the car and was forced to re-enter the depot, but the tire change didn’t help.

– I’m having trouble with my balance in the car, Verstappen announced.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz regained the lead, ahead of colleague Charles Leclerc, but on lap 31 Ferrari switched positions on his cars and Leclerc had an advantage – until there were about ten laps left when Esteban’s car Ocon of the Alpine broke down in an inappropriate position and the safety car went out on track.

It paved the way for an incomparable end to the race.

Carlos Sainz with his first F1 victory

Carlos Sainz took the lead after the restart and took his maiden Formula 1 victory.

– I am speechless. Win my first race after 150 races in Formula 1 and do it with Ferrari. It’s great, she says.

– I had problems with the balance of the car when I was driving on medium tires and Max pushed me hard, at the same time I kept believing it and when the safety car came I had my chance. Guess if I was nervous in that reboot because I knew it was my chance.

Behind him was a mad battle between Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton. It ended with Leclerc, who had hard tires, becoming an easy replacement for Sergio Perez who finished second and even Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, overtook Leclerc.

Now F1 continues next weekend with a sprint in Austria.