Carl Icahn – the Rambo

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Carl Icahn is feared, but one of the most successful investors in the past few decades. As the king of active investors, his concept is: get in, make a fuss, put pressure on the management – and then sell the best pieces for a profit Of Birgit Haas Reading time: approx. 7 min

14. August 2021

“I expect a battle” – this is how an analyst comments on Carl Icahn’s entry into online retailer Ebay in January 2014. Icahn has a reputation for being a corporate raider. And he lives up to its reputation. His goal: Ebay should sell the Paypal subsidiary. Ebay CEO John Donahoe refuses: “Firstly – Ebay accelerates PayPal’s success. Second – Ebay data makes Paypal smarter. And thirdly, Ebay is financing PayPal’s growth. ”

But Icahn incites something like that. In February he wrote to shareholders: “We have found ourselves in many worrying situations over the years, but the total disregard of responsibility on Ebay is the most blatant we have ever seen.” He

Published in Capital 8 / 2021