Can tea and coffee be enough to hydrate myself on a daily basis?

Can tea and coffee be enough to hydrate myself on a daily basis?, It is not uncommon to spend the day drinking hot drinks and to realize that hours that we did not drink a single glass of water. To hydrate, can we be satisfied with daily teas or coffees? Responses from nutritionists.

Two and a half liters. Here is the average amount of water required by the body on a daily basis to be properly hydrated, according to our experts. Provided by food at the rate of one liter, we still have to discharge a good liter and a half of water in its liquid form to satisfy this need. But we don’t always think of drinking the precious beverage during the day, even less during the cold season. On the other hand, it is easier to spend the day chaining the mugs of coffee and tea. If the hot cups contain water, can we be satisfied with it?

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In video, verdict: is coffee good for health A history of quantity ingested Whether consumed “pure” or used as a diluent in a coffee, tea or infusion, water performs the same functions for the body: it hydrates. Only to rid the body of toxins , the ingested water is channeled to the intestines, kidneys and skin, to then be discharged without restraint. Every day, 2 and a half liters are thrown away, so you have to refuel throughout the day.

However, “to drink enough, you should drink 5 to 6 cups of coffee ( mugs, Editor’s note ) per day, for example; and despite their undeniable virtues – psychostimulants for coffee, antioxidants for tea – these drinks cause undesirable effects on health, when they are taken in large quantities , informs Faïza Bossy. We cannot therefore be satisfied with it. ”

Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety or even cardiovascular problems. Beyond 15 ml of tea per day, depending on the Dr Bossy, the drink also presents risks. In particular because of “certain factors called” anti-nutritional “, contained in the drink and which stem the absorption of dietary iron by the body, adds Catherine Lacrosnière. This can cause anemia ”. Not to mention that the absorption of certain vitamins (B1 and B6) can also be blocked.

Listen to: the editorial podcast From morning to evening, we therefore make sure to drink enough water in parallel with hot drinks. Especially since in certain circumstances, the body demands more water. Physical activity , high temperatures in summer, exposure to heating during the cold season… You can become dehydrated quickly without even realizing it. “The skin is a vast area which consequently rejects large quantities of water”, warns doctor Catherine Lacrosnière. “Women during breastfeeding must also increase their intake, adds Faïza Bossy. Administered to infants, breast milk must be sufficiently hydrated. ”

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Flavor your water To those who do not like plain water, doctors recommend flavoring it, and adding slices of lemon, orange, cucumber or even a few herbs, such as mint or sage. Be careful not to over-sweeten the drink. Instead of syrups and flavored waters from supermarkets, we prefer home-prepared jugs.