Can i Cancel The Service After 30 Days Free Trail

Can i Cancel The Service After 30 Days Free Trail

Then there’s always the strategy of simply canceling your free trial right before it ends. Set a reminder (or two) to cut your ties with the service before payment becomes due. Most companies aren’t going to send you a reminder that your free period is about to be over.

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Can i Cancel The Service After 30 Days Free Trail

In some cases, even afte 30 Days Free Trail you can still get a partial refund. However, once the 30 days have passed the company offering the free trial typically has detailed cancellation policies that can be difficult to comply with making it next to impossible to actually cancel the subscription.

Netflix: Can i Cancel The Service After 30 Days Free Trail

Streaming platforms such as Netflix are a fairly new service on the Internet, and the content offered by each one changes practically daily. Perhaps due to the incipient number of platforms that are emerging around us, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose one (especially if our pocketbook allows us to pay for a single platform), and the average user ends up changing services from time to time.

Platforms know that the environment is becoming more competitive, and thus the different incentives they offer the user arise, which usually translate into a free period of time (which is usually one month), to attract the user and show them what the platform offers.

The situation of wanting to cancel your Netflix subscription can occur for several reasons: you have already consumed the content that interested you from the platform, you cannot or want to pay for it or you simply want to change streaming platforms. If you are in the trial month and the platform has not convinced you, do not worry, you will not have to pay anything.

Because in the registration of your Netflix account you must enter a payment method, some users believe that a payment should be made yes or yes, but nothing is further from the truth, if the month has not yet passed and you want to unsubscribe On Netflix, you can do it without problem and without any monetary cost. Either way, if you want to squeeze every last second of Netflix’s free period, or you are simply a forgetful person, the platform itself will remind you that your trial period is about to run out when there are just a few days left until it expires through an email.

so a lot of people don’t realize that if
you sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-day

free trial then after 30 days it’s going
to auto-renew and you’re going to be

charged for the Prime membership so if
you don’t want that to happen to you

then keep watching this video I’m going
to show you how to set up your trial so

that will automatically cancel after 30
days and you won’t get charged. Let’s unbox that!

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here’s a quick question for you what do
you think about the free trial so far

are there any benefits in particular
that you like and what do you think

about this whole auto-renew new thing
with Amazon do you think this is a case

where Amazon dropped the ball let me
know in the comments below. Anyway so you

got the Amazon Prime free trial and
maybe you don’t even know that you’ve

got it. If you get a new Kindle Fire for
example that comes with a free trial

included and a lot of people don’t know
about that and at the end of your 30-day

trial it auto-renews and you’re gonna be
charged. So what you want to do is change

the auto renew settings and to do that
you’re gonna sign in to your Amazon account

then hover your mouse over “hello your
name” and from this drop down list click

on “your prime membership” and then on
this page on the left you’ll see what

your trial period is and when it will auto-renew and if you click on “remind me

before renewing” they’ll send you an
email three days before your trial ends.

But for peace of mind if you want to
change that auto-renew setting then go

to the bottom and click on “do not
continue my free trial”. Now don’t be

fooled by the wording I’ve seen some
people on YouTube say you should wait

till the end of your trial period before
doing this because it will end your

trial immediately. Don’t worry about that,
the wording “do not continue” and “end my

benefits” that’s just wrong your trial
won’t end immediately and you’ll still

have all the prime minutes until the end
of the 30 day period. All you’re doing is

telling Amazon
not to renew prime after the 30-day

period. So click on end my benefits and
you’re gonna notice a lot of repetition

here because they really want to keep
you on prime but just go ahead and click

on end benefits again and on the last
page again you’ll get the same options so

click on cancel membership one more time.
And after that you’ll see this

confirmation telling you when your trial
membership will end and that your card

will not be charged after that and
you’ll see the same message over here.

And that’s all there is to it, your trial
membership is now set to auto-cancel

instead of auto-renew. But before you go
ahead and do everything I’ve just showed

you if you paid close attention you may
have noticed that I just got an offer to

extend my free trial and get another 30
days for free. That’s right there is a

situation where Amazon will actually
give you an additional 30 days and in

another video I’ll show you how you can
get that trial extension and as soon as

that videos ready I’ll put a link on the
screen and in the description below.

In the meantime hope you found this
video useful if you did give it a like

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How to Cancel Subscription and App Trials on iPhone or iPad

subscribing to an app or service on the

iPhone is a piece of cake

you just need to tap on the subscribe

button click on confirm you stretch ID

or face ID to authenticate your purchase

and you’re done unsubscribing however

isn’t as simple we would think that

apple of all the companies would make it

straightforward but nope well if you are

looking to cancel that pesky unused

subscription that has been consistently

draining your account every month we

have got you covered there’s a visit

from GT and today I’ll show you two ways

in which you can easily cancel App Store

subscriptions so let’s get right to it


first let’s talk about how you can

cancel the subscription on your iPhone

to begin with open up the Settings app

and scroll down to the iTunes and App

Store option here tap on your Apple ID

and select view Apple ID in the pop-up

menu then enter you password and tap on

sign in once you’re signed in tap on the

subscriptions option and then tap on the

subscription you want to cancel in the

subsequent window now just tap on cancel

subscription hit confirm and you’re done

simply ah

I so wish it was in case you are not

able to cancel subscriptions on your

phone for whatever reason you’d be glad

to know that you can also use iTunes for

the same just open up iTunes on your PC

or Mac and head to the store section

here click on accounts and then log in

with your Apple ID using the prompt that

follows in the accounts page locate

subscriptions under the settings section

and click on the manage option next to

it this will bring up a list of your

subscriptions now locate the

subscription you want to cancel and

click on edit just click on cancel

subscription and that should stop the

money from flowing into Apple’s coffers

speaking of Apple we have got a great

selection of videos for iPhone users

that you should check out next and that

includes some amazing app

recommendations that won’t cost your

dime so we have the link in the

description as well as as endcard on

this video so do check them out until

next time this is abbaji signing off you

have a good one

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