Calzedonia party tights, pants and leggings are that special -!

One more year Calzedonia surprises us with its collection of party stockings. A special edition loaded with glitters, sequins, applications of stones, lace, tulle, gold and silver, perfect to show off the most special party nights.

This Christmas, if you want to wear a striking and daring outfit with a skirt or dress, also during the day , bet on one of these designs that will not leave you indifferent. The tights decorated with rhinestone fringes, stone applications and damask tulle models in gold or the longuette with faux leather briefs.

Boot effect tights. Its price is 19, 95 euros.

Opaque fringed tights with back rhinestone details. Its price is 19, 95 euros.

Tulle tights with golden damask design. Its price is 19, 95 euros.

The collection is completed with flared leggings full of sequins and velvet in geometric patterns or with sparkling details , and a very striking and sexy floral lace and fishnet momo.

Sheer floral lace net jumpsuit. Its price is 29, 142 euros.

Black stockings with app details. Its price is 19, 95 euros.

Tulle tights with leather effect briefs and velvet bows. Its price is 19, 95 euros.

Flared leggings in shiny devoured velvet. Its price is 35, 142 euros.

Flared leggings with sequins. Its price is 39, 95 euros .

Photos | Calzedonia