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Brutal prices: as little as HUF 70,000 for a summer camp

Despite the 15 percent price increase, the desire to camp does not wane. They pointed out that the reason for the price increase is the increase in the costs of the campers, as well as the increase in rental fees and various entrance fees, but the main item is the change in the price of children’s meals.

  • As a result of this The average price of a day camp this year is HUF 45,000,
  • while an average of HUF 70,000 for one round of overnight campsfamilies have to pay.

The offer is very wide, more than a thousand camp tours can be booked. According to the announcement, with the exception of the two years affected by the coronavirus, the number of children camping for at least a week is constantly increasing.

The 2022 summer record has already been broken, as 230,000 people will participate in children’s camps this year. Based on county distribution, most children camp in the counties of Pest, Veszprém and Somogy.

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