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British intelligence: Moscow is trying to break Kiev’s air defenses with cheap drones, but they are not succeeding

Today’s report from British intelligence includes the following information:

  • In May 2023, Russia launched 300 kamikaze drones belonging to the Sahed family against the territory of Ukraine.
  • Russia probably wants to overwhelm the Ukrainian air defenses with the attacks: they want the Ukrainians to fire their expensive and valuable anti-aircraft missiles at the cheap Iranian drones.
  • According to the British, the tactic has not been successful so far: the Ukrainians can neutralize 90% of the drones with old and cheap air defense systems and electronic warfare systems.
  • The Russians continue to try to attack Ukrainian troops deep behind the front lines, but due to their targeting deficiencies, these attacks remain of low effectiveness.

It is interesting that the Ukrainian counter-offensive has probably started on the land route in the past few days, yet the British Ministry of Defense chose a different topic in its morning report: