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Brawl Stars Free Diamonds

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Brawl Stars Free 2000 Diamond Stone Code

Brawl Stars Free Diamonds

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How to get free gems in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Free Diamonds

Great care. There are apps that promise the impossible, and ‘tricks’ that are not so, to get free gems in Brawl Stars. But, if you get out of the law, more than the “coins” of the game, what you will surely get is a permanent ban. So the key is to know what are the different ways to obtain free gems legally and how likely we are to be successful in each of them.

Although the title is a free game, it is actually a ‘free to play’. We are talking about Brawl Stars being one of the best Android games on APKdownloadlink.com, among other prominent websites that collect user opinions and analysis of new releases.

That means that we can play for free, but there are micropayments that allow us to advance faster and get exclusive elements, for example, customization of our character. And the bargaining chip in the title of the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are gems. Used to buy brawl boxes, mega boxes and large boxes; also special characters, skins, tickets and token multipliers.

How to get free gems in brawl stars, the percentages of each box

The only way to get free gems in Brawl Stars is with the boxes, which can be bought with the gems themselves and get progressing in our scores. As we mentioned before, in Brawl Stars there are three types of boxes: brawl boxes, large boxes and mega boxes. The first of them is the easiest to obtain, while the large and mega boxes will touch us less regularly. However, the probability of obtaining gems is higher the more difficult it is to obtain them; and above all, mega boxes will give us more gems than large boxes, and the latter than brawl boxes.

In all these boxes there is a probability of approximately 10% that they will touch us gems. The biggest difference is that the brawl boxes will give us, when they appear, up to 5 gems for free while the large boxes can give us a maximum of 15 gems. In the case of the Megabox, which is the most important of the battle Royale Brawl Stars, they can give us up to 25 gems in a single opening.

The mega box is the only one that we cannot get for free, but only by spending gems. Both the normal box or brawl box and the big box will be delivered to us for free, as we progress through the game. Therefore, the only one hundred percent real way to get free gems is by playing, and through the normal boxes and the large boxes that the video game will deliver to us. As soon as we have gems, then we can get mega boxes for free, and maybe win even more free gems within the video game.

Brawl Pass level is everything

Luckily, there is a second way that depends more on us, without waiting idly for the boxes to give us a finished amount of gems depending on the probabilities. This is Brawl Pass, the Brawl Stars battle pass that came into operation in an update last May.

It has, as in many other massive online games, of two variants. One is the free one that we have it automatically, without doing anything. The other is paid, where you get greater benefits and rewards. We are interested in the free one, because if we do things well, we can obtain an interesting number of gems. Of course, the requirement is to put hours and hours into the game, so you have to be patient.

On the way to the free Brawl Pass, we can get a maximum amount of 90 gems, if we meet the challenges that the battle pass proposes. This maximum is achieved by reaching level 51 in a single season, so the challenge is challenging. If we do not reach that level, nothing happens, the battle pass has a scale of rewards:

  • Level 3: You earn 10 gems.
  • Level 15: You gain 20 gems.
  • Level 23: You gain 10 gems.
  • Level 35: You earn 20 gems.
  • Level 43: You gain 10 gems.
  • Level 51: You gain 20 gems.

Now we just have to dedicate time and play many games, gaining the consequent experience that will make us add to the battle pass. Well, and look carefully at the offers in the store, from time to time they leave a pleasant surprise.