Counterpoint Research has uncovered the fastest-moving Android smartphone manufacturers on updates. Nokia topped the list by upgrading all of its smartphones on the market to the latest Android version and releasing monthly security updates to all of them.

Counterpoint Research, whose research has been the subject of many news before, has now once again scrutinized Android smartphone manufacturers and revealed which manufacturer has managed to stand out in updates.

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According to the research in question, Nokia, which was once the leader of the mobile phone industry by far, but has been looking for its old popularity with candles since phones started to “get smarter”, succeeds in leaving all Android phone manufacturers behind when it comes to updates.


According to the table shared by Counterpoint Research, Nokia has released the Android 10 update to all 20 smartphones on the market and ranks at the top of the list by giving updates to 100 percent of its devices.

In fact, OnePlus also provides updates to 100 percent of its devices, but since OnePlus is not even half the number of smartphones in the market (7), the top name is Nokia.

The interesting thing is; Frequently criticized for both feature and security updates, Samsung has updated 89 percent of its smartphones on the market to Android 10 and ranks third on the list. Realme, Xiaomi and Huawei are the smartphone manufacturers that follow the list.

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Counterpoint Research has also listed manufacturers according to their security update release frequency. Publishing security updates to all of its smartphones on the market monthly, Nokia manages to rank first in this category as well.

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OnePlus, which has upgraded all of its smartphones to the latest Android version, interestingly, issues security updates to 90 percent of these phones monthly. The remaining 10 percent receive security updates once per quarter of the year.

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Perhaps the biggest surprise among the major smartphone manufacturers is Samsung. According to data from Counterpoint Research, Samsung releases security updates to only 22 percent of its smartphones on the market monthly. The remaining models receive a security update every quarter.

security update

security update

“If companies are so good at updates, why don’t I get any updates?”you might ask.

The tables created by Counterpoint Research only take into account smartphones that companies have released in the last three years, and smartphones with Android Go are not considered. Therefore, if you have a smartphone older than 3 years, you may not receive an update.

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