We know that she follows the latest hair trends closely. Well, have you met one of the most popular knitting models of recent times, reverse knitting? We have already started to see purl models on social media! We researched how this knitting pattern is made and learned by trial and error. Now is the time to share with you! If you want to try different hairstyles at home, work or school, you can look cooler by doing a practical purl.

What is a purl hairstyle? (Herringbone)

In the name of a reverse braid, a reverse straight braid is the exact opposite of a braid! So, you’re passing the hair strands you hold in the reverse braid under your hair. While you are crossing the strands over each other while doing classical braids, you proceed by passing the hair strands that you divide into three, under each of them.

Since our hand automatically focuses on the classic knitting, it can be difficult to do purl knitting at first. But after a few tries, you’ll start picking up and undercutting the tufts faster.

Step 1. How to make a purl hairstyle?

Before starting the braid model, you should comb your hair and untie the tangled hair strands.

Step 2. Cut your hair into tufts

Before you braid your hair, determine the area where you will be braiding. Like a half braid, a double braid or a single braid. Then divide your hair into three equal strands for each braid. If you are going to braid more than one, you should separate your hair with a barrette and open the braid to move forward. Otherwise, all your hair may get tangled. You are now ready for a reverse braid.

Step 3. Knit a purl pattern

Now we come to the most crucial part of the work. Keep the middle strand constant for a reverse braid. Then start knitting by passing the right and left strands under the middle hair. You may be confused at the first stage. So go ahead slowly. If you run the strand over the top, immediately take a step back and correct this mistake. Go all the way to the strand and secure it with a rubber clip. Review the photos well for the inverted braid pictorial description!

Step 4. Secure the purl.

You have successfully finished your reverse knitting! Now is the time to fix it. After braiding your hair, you should use a strong fixing spray to avoid hair strands.

Step By Step Space Buns

Purl knitting models

Purl ponytail

You can make a ponytail to add a modern twist to inverted braids. You should do the ponytail and purl hairstyle on the way to the office.

Purl herringbone

If you know the herringbone weave, you are very lucky! You can combine herringbone and purl hairstyles to make cool invitation hair.

We most like braided hairstyles with blonde and brown tones. The ashy reflections coming out of the braids make the hairstyle stand out.

Purl bun

The purl knit bun model will be the savior of the special meetings that come out at once. After braiding your hair, you can quickly get this perfect look by making a bun.

Half purl

Tutorial: Half Bun Models

Half Model 3 

How about trying to make a half purl instead of braiding all of your hair? You should especially use this hairstyle when going to school or on weekend dates!