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Black Friday offer: Amazon Smart Thermostat with a 30% discount.

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We called it a “fantastic smart home value” in our enthusiastic review, and now you can get it Amazon smart thermostat with 30% discount. during Black Friday.

On sale now for $41.99, which is $18 off the regular $59.99 price, the Amazon Smart Thermostat can be controlled with Alexa voice commands and uses cloud-based machine learning to track your sleeping habits. heating and cooling.

Once it has a handle on your schedule, the Amazon Smart Thermostat will use Alexa’s Hunches feature to automatically heat and cool your home based on your needs, and can make adjustments depending on whether or not someone is home.

The thermostat is broadly compatible with 24-volt HVAC systems and displays the current temperature using a 0.9-inch number on a touch-sensitive display. Best of all, installation typically takes less than half an hour.

Check out the Amazon Smart Thermostat for $41.99 on Amazon