Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Traffic of Betrayal: Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ divorce stunned claim

Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world who is in the process of divorcing Melinda Gates, allegedly changed cars during the day to hide that he was cheating on his wife, had a bombshell effect.

After the news of the divorce of Melinda (56) and Bill Gates (65), one of the world’s most peaceful-looking couples, the waters are not calming. Bill Gates, who appeared to have been with a company employee while he was married, texted other women, allegedly got help from his employees to avoid getting caught up in his wife. Speaking to Vanity Fair magazine, one former Microsoft employee said: “the boss used to come to work in his Mercedes. Some days he would move out of his calendar, leave in the Gold-and-coffee-toned Porsche his assistant brought to his workplace, and disappear,” he said.


According to the employee, this was Bill Gates ‘ tactic when he went to meet women he was flirting with. Then he would return the Porsche to his employee again. There was a very strict confidentiality agreement that prevented employees from talking about Gates ‘ management style. Another source close to Bill Gates said his infidelity was not a secret case. The allegations could change the course of the case of the 27-year-old couple, who have amassed a $ 130 billion fortune.

On the other hand, it was suggested that Melinda Gates, who was suspicious of her husband, had hired a private investigator. It was also revealed that the reason Gates abruptly left the company’s board last year was an investigation into his relationship with an employee.

Melinda Gates met Bill Gates when he was working as a product manager at Microsoft. The couple, who have three children, have not yet disclosed their reasons for divorce.