Less than 3 hours after Apple introduced the new iPhone 12 family, Samsung USA dissected Apple’s 5G iPhones on Twitter. In the tweet shared, “Some say hello to speed now, we have been together for a while.” statement took place.

Technology giant Apple, United States and starting at 20.00 hours H, Speed ‘(Hi-Speed, which means motto also gives the meaning high speed when read) course and new technologies at the event entitled we wait for a long time the 12 families new iPhone was introduced. Apple’s new smartphone series was finally offering 5G connection technology to its users, which was desired but did not exist in the previous series.

However, less than 3 hours after the introduction of the new iPhone 12s, Apple’s biggest competitor, South Korean technology giant Samsung, came to a share. However, the sharing made by Samsung was not a normal sharing. Apple was dissolved in the post made from the company’s official US Twitter account.

Samsung: Some say hello to speed now

Samsung Twitter

In the tweet shared by Samsung, ‘ Some say hello to speed now, we’ve been friends for a while. Get your Galaxy 5G device now. ‘statement was included. As you can see from the shared tweet, Samsung was saying that Apple was late in offering 5G technology.

Samsung said hello with the Galaxy S20 series, which it first announced its 5G connection technology earlier this year. Since then, the Galaxy Note series, Galaxy Fold devices and Galaxy Flip phone , which the company has introduced , have also included 5G technology. The post also emphasized once again that Samsung has been using 5G technology for months.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Of course, we do not yet know how seriously Samsung made this sharing. However, the fact that the company includes the connection of 5G devices in its tweet to attract users indicates that Samsung and Apple will enter a tough fight in the coming months.

Consequently, Samsung has already started preparations to get a place for itself before this struggle. Let’s see what the graphics will show us in the coming months as Apple joins the 5G connectivity support competition in the smartphone industry. We probably won’t wait long to find out.