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Big changes are coming at Yettel, some customers are automatically classified into a different tariff package

The measure affects 38 voice-based and 15 mobile internet packages, the list shows on this link is available. Among these, it is worth highlighting the very affordable tariff that provides unlimited mobile internet called Hello Data, introduced in 2017. Although this option has not been available since 2018, customers who bought it until then could still use it. However, this package will also be removed from the portfolio cleaning, so the customer’s bill will become much more expensive, since currently the cheapest unlimited mobile internet package available to anyone costs HUF 12,000 per month, which is essentially double the previous monthly fee of Hello Data.

Tariffs are introduced through a unilateral amendment to the service provider’s contract, which Yettel will inform all concerned in the first invoice after March 1, 2023. The tariff package change will be adjusted to the billing cycle, with the first account closing after May 1, 2023, accordingly, the tariff package change will take place for all affected customers by June 2, 2023 at the latest.

This means that the package change takes place completely automatically, practically with the help of an algorithm it is determined which of the current rate packages corresponds to the old tariff.

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