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Big Brother Vip 6: Jessica Selassié wins (surprisingly)

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In the end, it is always the most unsuspected horses that reach the finish line, leading the bettors to tear up the coupons, and this is a bit like what happened at the final of the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip, when, in defiance of expectations, Jessica Selassié won the televoting against Davide Silvestri holding the title of winner in his hands. There were few who bet on her, above all because, in the 183 days of our stay inside the House, we saw little of her, crushed above all by the visibility gained by her sister Lulù who, driven by ambition, never hid that she wanted to get to the end.

Jessica Selassié

From the close bond with the sisters to the rapprochement with Barù in recent weeks, cso crystal clear as to push the hashtag # Jerù to the top of Twitter trends and so poignant as to cause fans to shed bitter tears when Barù’s intentions didn’t turn out to be as serious as Jessica believed, the princess managed to make her journey quietly, giving lots of smiles and preferring to keep a lower profile than other Vippos, including Lulù, who surrendered to fifth position, and Soleilwhich at the final of Big Brother Vip it hasn’t even gotten there. It was to keep her company on the podium Davide Silvestri, he too is a not very incisive presence within the dynamics of the House, his ex (?) Barù e Delia Duranwhich Sonia Bruganelli had no problem renaming as the “miracle of this edition”.

Davide Silvestri

Broadly speaking, it was a final of the Big Brother Vip capable of condensing, in a direct stream of almost four hours, several iconic moments: from Alfonso Signorini who plays Nino Rota on the piano to Barù who, seated on the throne of skewers, resists the temptation of Valeria Marini and Carmen Russo’s sexy ballet; from Giucas Casella who hypnotizes Adriana Volpe to walk her rigid body over her to Soleil and Alex Belli who put together a musical piece in front of Delia’s slightly annoyed gaze. The program, produced as always by Endemol, greeted its longest edition ever, capable of giving Canale 5 stable listening per two first weekly evenings (a mirage these days) and keeping the spectators company for more than six months. Now, however, borrowing the words of Ilary Blasi, the time has come to close the curtain and to “to disappear” for a while, because we were now very close to saturation.

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