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Biden’s declaration could increase the risk of World War III

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“Destroy the possibilities of a diplomatic solution”

Published: Today 13.57

Updated: Less than 30 minutes ago

Biden’s statements about Putin could lead to serious consequences in the war.

According to Russian expert Malcolm Dixelius, at worst it can be used as a Russian argument for the use of nuclear weapons.

– It raises the level of risk for a third world war and also makes it difficult for NATO to take further steps, he says.

During a speech in Warsaw on Saturday, US President Joe Biden was clear on what he thinks of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“For God’s sake, this man can’t stay in power,” Biden said of Putin.

According to US media, he is said to have spoken outside the script and the White House was later forced to withdraw Biden’s statement.

The statements have raised questions and many experts are now speculating on the consequences they could have.

“Very unhappy”

Jan Hallenberg, research leader at the Swedish Institute of Foreign Policy and Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the Swedish National Defense College, says the statement could greatly hamper the prospects of reaching a diplomatic solution in the future.

– It is a real pity that he spoke in this way and it does not facilitate the chances of reaching a diplomatic solution in the conflict. Should that process be restarted, the government under Putin will have a hard time talking to Biden again for this reason, says Jan Hallenberg.

Biden’s proposal that Russia should change leaders was immediately accepted by the Kremlin on Saturday:

– It’s not up to Biden to decide. The president of Russia is elected by the Russians, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

On Saturday, Biden also called Putin a “butcher” in connection with a visit to a refugee camp in Warsaw.

The statement prompted French President Emmanuel Macron to warn of an escalation of the conflict, according to AFP.

In an interview with French radio station France 3, Macron says he sees it as his job to first achieve a ceasefire and then the withdrawal of Russian troops.

– If we want to do it, we cannot step up either in word or deed, says Macron according to AFP.

full screenMalcolm Dixelius, expert on Russia. Photo: AFTONBLADET Full Screen TV Jan Hallenberg, US foreign policy and security expert. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT

Biden is “emotional and a little bit undisciplined”

Jan Hallenberg says it’s hard to say at the moment what we can expect from the next Russian team. That Biden drops his script during a speech, however, is nothing new.

– He is an emotional and somewhat undisciplined person. There are several examples throughout his career of this type of claim. But that he repeatedly questioned the Russian leadership in this way, in this situation, is serious, he continues.

Russia expert Malcolm Dixelius, like Jan Hallenberg, thinks it’s really a shame that Biden spoke this way.

Among other things, the Russian propaganda machine will turn on.

– He’s a serious piano wanderer. It provides the ammunition for the worldview that Putin wants to paint for the people of him that NATO poses a threat to Russia and the Russian leadership, he says.

full screen Joe Biden during Saturday’s speech in Warsaw. Photo: Evan Vucci / AP

“The risk of a third world war increases”

He also says that if NATO decides to send planes to Ukraine it will cause problems.

– So this statement will come up as an example of how NATO is arming Ukraine for an attack on Russia. Therefore, it is dangerous to leave an impression that reinforces the image Russian leaders want to show of the United States and the Western world, says Malcolm Dixelius.

In the long run, it could increase the risk picture in the conflict and make it more difficult to expel Putin.

But the more serious consequence is that it can also be used as an argument for the use of nuclear weapons, which also increases the risk of a third world war.

– The greatest danger is that it will give Russia a reason to increase its level of risk. Now the Russian people understand that there is a real threat from the Western world and the United States. It raises the level of risk for a third world war and at the same time makes it harder for NATO to take further steps, says Malcolm Dixelius, and continues:
– Biden has drawn obstacles for himself. The statement is reckless and affects not only the United States, but the entire attempt by the Western world to find this extremely cautious balance between supporting Ukraine and not fueling the conflict at the same time.


Published: March 27, 2022 at 13.57