Beware the fake Micro SD scam: if they look too good to be true, they are

Beware the fake Micro SD scam – if they look too good to be true, they are. Never before the prices of Micro SD cards have been as great as today . In recent weeks we have seen 1 TB cards that were around 200 euros and they were a great offer, but those prices contrast with those seen in some stores such as eBay.

There is normal See 1. Micro SD cards 30 GB (1 TB) to 30 euros, and that should set off anyone’s alarm, because those The prices make it clear that these are fake cards that actually have much lower capacity, slower speed and can even be fragile and end up causing problems wherever we use them. Faced with the fake Micro SD scam, a clear recommendation: you have to have common sense .

Nobody gives hard to four pesetas For years unscrupulous sellers have made their little August with this fraud, which consists of selling Micro SD cards with false capacities and benefits also below what they advertise in their product sales.

Too good to be true. Nothing advisable to tempt luck here.

The practice is common and popular, especially since mobile devices have made these cards simple and affordable to be able to expand the storage capacity of those devices.

However, you have to be very attentive to offers that are too succulent, because the normal thing is that spectacular prices are not more than an unequivocal sign that those Micro SD cards are a fraud .

If you go around online stores and take a look at the current prices of Micro SD cards from manufacturers like SanDisk you will realize that prices tend to be in a very clear hairpin .

In fact, we could consider the following great prices, which we have seen these days in which Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday have allowed us to find really remarkable offers with prices that around the following indicated here :

Micro SD from 55 GB: 10 euros Micro SD of 128 GB: 15 euros Micro SD from 256 GB: 30 euros Micro SD of 400 GB: 45 euros Micro SD of 512 GB: 55 euros 1TB Micro SD: 250 euros In some cases there may be somewhat better specific offers, but not spectacularly better . When someone is selling a 1TB Micro SD card (1. 024 GB) to 30 euros is making it quite clear that this card does not work to have that ability.

No case of the logo. It paints fatal bad.

Even versions of the same scam can become more credible when we see very good prices but that could be considered reasonable because they are from brands less given to compete in this segment. The example in the image, with a theoretical 1 Micro SD card. 024 GB from Huawei, it also smells bad .

These fake cards may work once they arrive, but if they do, they won’t deliver what they promised. The normal thing is that to begin with its capacity is much less than that which appears in the Micro SD , but we can also be harmed with transfer speeds much lower than what was advertised.

Things can be even worse: these Micro SD cards can come from poor quality and poor production processes, which can make them too fragile . The danger is here that when inserting them in the mobile, a laptop or a camera, then they do not come out well and get stuck or end up even disabling the device.

In fact, the transfer speed is a good way to check if a card is suspected of being fake. The speed ratings of the cards are based on the so-called classes (class 2, class 4, etc.), which allow determining the writing speeds that can be achieved on them. If a product shows that it is of one class but another appears in the description, bad .

Tools like H2testw make it easy to check the capacity and transfer speed of storage media.

If you buy one of these cards you can pass a quick speed test with the tool RMPrepUSB or a deeper one with H2testw , a free tool that allows you to check the real capacity of a storage medium.

The recommendation here is clear: you have to use common sense . If something is too good to be true, it is probably a lie. To begin with, it is advisable to buy in trusted stores and, in the case of doing so on sites like eBay, go to trusted sellers.

Those nine votes do not help to trust aokrulez too much, and the offer already seems suspicious. Conclusion? Better to pass.

Seller Feedback on eBay is another helpful way to identify potential scammers. In eBay it is also especially to pay with PayPal to be able to claim the money back if something goes wrong and we actually end up buying a false card.

So, you know: be careful when looking for a Micro SD card , because these types of offers are everywhere and can end up attracting to many buyers for those striking prices.