Best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we've seen throughout the year

The best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we’ve seen throughout the year

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of The best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we’ve ever seen throughout the year here.

The best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we’ve seen throughout the year

The best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we’ve seen throughout the year We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we’ve seen throughout the year Keep reading our news . Here are all the details on the subject.

The best of 2021: the most stylish and inspiring kitchens we’ve seen throughout the year

During the 2021 we have enjoyed numerous kitchens of different styles and sizes. Adapting to the size of the house and the needs of each family is what determines the final design of the kitchens, but trends also condition this aspect. At 2021 there have been some constants in terms of trends for kitchens. Two of them were reflected in the kitchens that we saw in this year’s edition of Casa Decor who had in common the search for more sustainable kitchens and kitchen islands.

Sustainability translates into the search for materials such as FSC certified wood (originating from sustainably managed forests) and recycled PET plastics . The island thing is the consequence of our greater demand when it comes to making one in the kitchen; to open this totally or partially to the living room.

As for household appliances, firms continue to work on making them smarter and lower consumption (like this LG refrigerator with a view of the inside from the outside and refrigeration system also on the door) , to make life easier and easier. In Marbella Desing Week we already enjoy a fully domotized kitchen.

  • The future is here: AEG presents a showroom and multiple solutions to make our lives much easier at home (and when you meet them, you won’t be able to do without them)

  • Cecotec presents, among its latest innovations, its new high-tech Bowling Dresscode washing machines at a very reasonable price

And before going to review the latest kitchen trends at 2021 (which will also be in the 2022, we remind you of the ones that this year have spent, definitely demodé.

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Trends in kitchens

Project by P2a Design Team. Image Alessandro Pasini

This year the kitchens continue to enjoy refined lines with paneled appliances and natural finishes (wood, stone …), with which to better integrate with the living room or other rooms. To discard the palilleria that is also a valid finish for kitchen furniture and the tendency to “hide” the hood in a box.

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Kitchens for inspiration

Via Via Monsieurreformax

Project Norm Architecs. Image by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen

Whether open or independent, the most beautiful kitchens this year have opted for natural materials and neutral colors such as gray. What they have in common is that these kitchens forget about conventional tiles – better a backsplash with the same finish as the countertop – and on the rest of the walls wallpaper , and the commitment to kitchens where you also eat. Because one of the most interesting novelties is that the living-dining room concept is replaced by the kitchen-dining room, either in the form of large island with stools or both ( island and dining table).

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Small kitchens

Via Tinda s Project. Image by Jordi Canosa and styling by Mar Gausachs

East 2021 we have seen how small kitchens They are looking for practical solutions , such as extending the height and depth of the worktop to gain centimeters in the same space. The electrometrics also adapt to the smallest spaces with new formats.

In small kitchens, tall cabinets reach up to the ceiling and the distribution is studied in depth. As far as possible these kitchens include a wall of furniture containing the refrigerator and other electrometrics to clear the tall units on the work surfaces.

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The best storage solutions for the kitchen

This year we have known very good solutions to keep the kitchen tidy. The order in the kitchen does not it’s one thing only small kitchens have to worry about. Enjoying tidier shelves and cabinets is something very simple with accessories like these.

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