Are you looking for a way to straighten your unusual hair and also admiringly head?

If your answer is yes – then you need cornrow braids in your life.

Cornfield styles, a hairstyle dating back to ancient Africa, are widely used and adapted by today’s stylists all over the world.

Watch: Cornrows for Beginners Tutorial

With this braid tutorial you will learn to to braid cornrows in natural straight hair! Braiding cornrows is easy after you learn hold the strands tight enough!

We are in absolute admiration of these 20 varieties of corn – and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Cornrows last in use very well, you can easily wear them 3-5 days in row so this hairstyle for great for festival hair or for busy school week, when you don’t have to time make a new hairstyle every morning. Cornrows fit as well for short hair than for long hair and everything between! Many of my followers asking all the time hairstyle for short hair so if you looking a one, here you are! Braid styles you can create using cornrows, are endless!

Why Choose Cornrows?

Cornrows not only look stunning, they are also a great method of making hair mischievous.

This type of hair normally requires more finishing, BEST CORNROWS HAIRSTYLE which means you have to spend tons of time every day.

Well – with cornrows you might forget that you have to spend long hours each morning to style uneven hair.

Your hair (and it looks fantastic!) Is done the moment you wake up every day! At least about 8 weeks, this is how long you have to let them go.

It is also one of the most popular protective hairstyles that women choose to help shape natural hair and relax from daily wear and tear. Cornrows are the perfect way to give your hair a well-deserved break.

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Are you ready for the 20 most beautiful corn cobs you’ve ever seen? Let’s go!

#1: Feed-In Braids with Cuff Beads

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles

There’s nothing more sophisticated than cuff beads – and when added to beautifully fed braids with a cool pattern, the look gets the highest score! Feeding braids have a way to create the illusion of long field braids without the need for hair extensions. First, you create a starter braid using your natural hair – then add synthetic braid hair to get a long cornrow that still looks natural.

dsa 1

#2: creative halo braid

If you are an organizational enthusiast who wants to take the cornrows to the next level, you’ve met your hairstyle. This halo braid is beautiful, sophisticated, and unique – though it’s a little harder to achieve. You won’t regret visiting the stylist when this wonderful hairstyle is what you have left behind, right? We didn’t think.

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 2

#3: Simple Little Cornrows

Corn fields don’t need to be complicated to look absolutely beautiful. We think the simple, small cornrows deserve as much praise as the intricate African cornrows designs and patterns. Also, the look is more versatile, so you can style it however you like – tuck it into a large ponytail or twist it into a few buns – it’s your calling! Latest: Hairstyles for Greasy Hair Tips that work

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 3

#4: Big Bread Cornrows

For a ‘sleek’ to ‘elegant’ look, tuck your cornrows into a big bun above your head. Any hairstyle with a bun will immediately look sleeker – while the cornices give the style some edge. Wear it for a special occasion or daily – it will work perfectly for both! If you’re willing to add a stylish touch – just drop a few cuff beads. Latest: Ponytail: Hairstyle that can be used 7 days a week

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 4

#5: large infused cornrows

Probably our favorite of our thick cornmeal hairstyles – and why not? It’s easy to fall in love with him! These large fed cornrows deliver classy, ​​feminine and interesting results in one go. The detail that makes us most visibly lustful is the golden thread added to a few braids. It’s all about the details! Latest: 3 Cute And Easy Hairstyles & Braid Hairstyles Easy And Quick

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 5

# 6: beautiful cornrow ponytail

We’ve always had a little obsession with ombre – but are ombre cornrows tied into a ponytail? This is almost too good to be true. These cute cornrows that are lighter on the sides go perfectly with any summer outfit – and you’ll probably shed a few tears when it’s time to say goodbye. Latest: Half up half down hairstyle

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 6

# 7: simple Ghana braids

One of the most popular African hairstyles of the past few years, Ghana braids are here to steal your heart. Also often referred to as ‘invisible cornrows’, they create an incredibly cool look and require very little maintenance. Summer is the perfect time to try out this sassy hairstyle – especially for its protective qualities that will keep your hair healthy for longer! And best hairstyle is here:  Wellaging haircuts

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 7

# 8: Natural Cornrow Hairstyle

It’s not all about feed-in and jumbo braids – natural corn hairstyles can also be creative (and earn rave reviews!). This is an edgy yet elegant corn nightmare that you can create using your natural hair. Of course, if you want to add braids to your masterpiece to get a fuller, bigger look – then go ahead!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 8

# 9: large Ghana braid buns

If big cornrows hairstyles are what you’re after, these beautiful Ghana braids braided into buns will tick the boxes for you. We absolutely love how easy it is to turn these 4 cornmeal braids into an elegant low updo – and there’s no better way to deal with loose strands at the nape of your neck.

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 9

# 10: colorful straight-backed cornrows

If you’re looking for ideas on how to spice up your straight-backed corn trees, adding some color will definitely work. The easiest way to get the look is to add a different colored jumbo braid. You can add a color or several colors – the more colors, the funnier looks!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 10

# 11: cornrow ponytail with cuffs

Attractive and sophisticated, a look that will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. Included in a beautiful corn cob ponytail, golden cuffs are a hairstyle that will work for a special occasion – or when you need a generous amount of compliments!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 11

# 12: Big Jumbo Cornrows

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will make you feel and feel like a princess – then opt for one of these beautiful large jumbo braids embellished with gold cuffs and unique patterns. Sophistication, courage and grace – features we can’t help but think (with a hint of jealousy) when looking at this wonderful hairstyle.

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 12

# 13: half box braids, half corn

For those who want to add some edge to their Cornrow hairstyles, this is the perfect way to do it. Choose an interesting and unique pattern like this beautiful zigzag and straight line design. Your half-box braids, half-cornrows stand out from the crowd!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 13

# 14: skinny braids into a ponytail

How cute do these skinny braids look? We absolutely love them – and different hairstyles (ponytails, buns, two buns – to name two – you name it!) If you are someone who wants to use braids as a base, then you will love this hairstyle. Versatile and stylish – especially if you add a piece or two of hair jewelry.

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 14

# 15: braids and buns

Incorporating just a few braids into your hair is a great way to change your hairstyle without having to work in the cornfield for months. This braids and buns hairstyle is perfect for those who want to add just a few small details to their hair – it also shows off the beauty of lush, thick natural locks.

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 15

# 16: straight back stitch braids

Straight back stitch braids are a simple yet great way to braid your hair – without having to find creative designs and interesting patterns. It is elegant, tidy and will protect your hair from harm to the environment. What can we say – sometimes less!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 16

# 17: beautiful stitch braid updo

This is a great example of a successful half head corn husk style. This stitch braid updo leaves the top of the hair without braids, resulting in a fuller-looking top and a neat lower half of the head. What do we like most about this? You guessed it! Of course ombre curls!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 17

# 18: Mohawk with box braids

Yes, corn kernels are super versatile – you can style them in a million different ways! For the bold ladies out there, how about transforming your box braids into a mohawk? Use some of the braids to create the illusion of a headband (and hide any bobby pins or elastics you sneak in to snap them into place). Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone! Okay! is here box braid hairstyles

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 18

# 19: creative braided updo

Creative braids enthusiasts – this is the hairstyle you’ve been waiting for! How about a beautiful and unique style of half head cornrows that allow you to showcase some vitality of your natural hair? And you definitely won’t see the same hairstyle on anyone else (always a bonus!).

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 19

# 20: side cornrows and curls

If this is a look you haven’t considered yet, then you should definitely do it. This side cornrows hairstyle would love to experiment with cornrows, but it would also love to show off her natural voluptuous curls. Double win!

20 super hot cornrow braid hairstyles 20

Each year, the hairstyling guru presents new and exciting ways to braid – and we are forever grateful for that.

But cornmeal braids – these are completely irreplaceable.

Braiding your hair in beautiful cornrows will not save you the time you would have spent hours on styling your hair, but it also inevitably gets praise wherever you go.

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Braids for Kids – 40 Perfect Braid Styles for Girls

One braid or two braids is a universal hairstyle for kids, but it can look too banal. Try experimenting with volume, different braid types and various braided designs to make your girl’s braided style more interesting. Our selection of 40 best braided hairstyles for girls will be your inspiration!

Exquisite French braids and sleek cornrows will be among the popular braided hairstyles for 2019. Both types of braids appeal not only to girls but also to their mothers. With a little patience and practice, you will braid the little girl’s hair effortlessly. Our thoughts on braided hairstyles will help your daughter / sister / niece look beautiful and different every day!

Cool Ideas of Knitting Styles for Kids

Look at the pictures below and enjoy!

# 1: twisted Mohawk

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles

Cute and practical Lil girl hairstyles should meet one requirement: pull the hair back and forth. This way your kid can go to the day and have fun without dealing with a lot of curls. This beautiful option has unique designs shaped with simple cornrows.

# 2: beautiful braided ponytail for girls

Braids for kids can be glamorous rather than cute – especially if you’re looking for something nice for the teen or preteen. This cute hairstyle will take your girl from practice to prom and everything in between, plus it will work for all ages (you might also want to try it out someday).

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 2

# 3: cute natural pigtails

If you’re looking for kids protective braided hairstyles that will treat your daughter’s natural hair well, try this fun spin on the classic ponytail. With a ponytail on her head, this is a cute and stylish look for little black girls. Also, you can have fun every day by matching her outfits with bales of hair.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 3

# 4: natural braided hair for kids

This beautiful look is absolutely gorgeous! An expert spider will be able to knit curvy cornrows that look like they have been swept back. Patterns in cornrows are really beautiful and create a fun style for little girls. Cute buns are a lovely result for these braided curves.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 4

# 5: spiral fish bun bun

Try experimenting with a fishtail braid for trendy little girl braids. This intricate style will definitely take some practice. The biggest reason for this updo is that it stays in place without a hairpin.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 5

# 6: colorful braided pigtails

These adorable spunky pigtails are expertly done. Since the pigtails are not tied up (instead they flow out of the cornfields) these senegalese twists have much more fullness. If you want to add some color, try a few extension lines instead of beads.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 6

# 7: Ghana Cornrows for Girls

Ghana cornrows are a gorgeous option for black girls that are back in style. While thick cornrows typically have straight pieces, this look changes things up with curves and adds little braids in between. A few colorful beads make the style even more fun for the kids.  is here short hairstyles yes: 50 best short hairstyle

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 7

# 8: beautiful cornrow hairstyle

This is one of the cutest hairstyles for little black girls. Dressed in a high ponytail with cornrows, she will be able to play with her hair up and protected all day. Also, this style is not a sleep challenge, which is definitely something to consider when it comes to braided hairstyles for little cuties.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 8

# 9: unique braided mohawk

Here is an inspiring look at the little woman in your life. This very unique style will make him stand out and feel confident. Thinner and thicker cornrows are pulled back straight from the hairline and then blended with extensions to style some chunky twisted Mohawk buns. It’s such a fun style that he’ll always remember! Black mom quick hairstyles here.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 9

# 10: cute cornrows and buns

This simple braided hairstyle is something many moms can do at home – no designer braids needed. If you work with thicker cornfields this will happen faster and won’t hurt your fingers too much! You can also get young children to get used to sitting on the knit before bringing it to a professional or trying something more complicated.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 10

# 11: best knot with cornrows

Kids love braids that give them the chance to have fun with hair accessories like ballies and beads. This hairstyle was done to perfection. Make sure to keep your hair tidy and take care of your daughter sleeping with a headscarf so it stays smooth for as long as possible.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 11

# 12: natural Dutch braid style


Try Dutch pigtail braids for a natural hairstyle that looks great on little girls. This modern kids hairstyle provides some nice elevations that you can enhance if you don’t braid too tightly or add extensions. These pigtails feature accent braids above the ears for a unique touch.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 12

# 13: beaded cross mohawk

Are you looking for a showman? You definitely found it. These mohawk braids with beads are nothing short of amazing – the cross design is also amazing. The choice of clear beads is a really great idea because they will wear any outfit. Adding more beads than usual creates an ommbre effect.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 13

# 14: short box braids for kids

When it comes to hairstyles for black girls, the most important thing is to change things up. The fun is to try something new. So if your little girl has been wearing fluffy styles for a while, why not try out some clink box braids? This beaded look allows her to add favorite colors to her hair.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 14

# 15: cute flower crown

Try a loose crown braid for a soft and pretty look. Divide the hair into a side part and start braiding in the thicker part, pulling the new strands through the middle of the hair, keeping the braid low above the hairline. Don’t worry about keeping the width as you knit it. Instead, pull it to perfect it at the end.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 15

# 16: heart braid with a curled ponytail

This cute style would be perfect for a special occasion. Two symmetrical curved braids create a lovely heart. You can double it up if you want, or add curls to the braid pony.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 16

# 17: Zig Zag braided updo with ponytail

Ideas on braids for girls that won’t get you all day? You don’t need to be an expert spider for this. All you have to do is divide the hair into three parts. Start at the bottom and braid up. Using transparent rubber on every step will make it much easier to achieve this style.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 17

# 18: cute buns for girls

Braids with buns are a great updo for girls of all ages. Little girls look so cute, especially with side buns and high buns, so why not blend them? Create a Dutch accent braid that runs from a temple to the crown where your bun will be, then finish the braid to the end. Once you’ve created the bun, wrap the braid around it. Easy!

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 18

# 19: perfect Heidi braids with flowers

This cute hairstyle is similar to the crown braid, but instead of going all over the head, it is wrapped in the back in a U shape. To duplicate this style, part the hair of the braid braids and braid them completely, then cross the braids at the nape and secure them by hiding the ends. Add a badge and you’re done.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 19

# 20: unique natural hair for girls

For knitting styles that no one has seen before, you need to find an expert knit designer. This princess style is truly amazing. The height and silhouette of the updo are adorable and the cornrow designs give it a playful, youthful charm.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 20

# 21: curled cornrows with beaded ends

Little girls like to copy what they see in other kids. They want a toy, a dress, a hairstyle like someone else’s. But we must teach them individuality at this age. Fortunately, the variety of hairstyles for African hair is really impressive.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 21

# 22: beaded braided pigtails

This awesome hairstyle for black guys will be the way every little girl loves. Not only does it show off a fun design of braided hair close to the skin, it also offers to use plenty of beads that clog and move with joy at every step!

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 22

# 23: heart-shaped braids and cornrows for little black girls

Fancy braided designs and plenty of hair accessories are all about little girls’ hairstyling territory. With cute braids like these, your baby will be protected and organized in the most beautiful way that they love delicate natural hair more than you!

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 23

Angled cornrow braid styles for kids

The style in this photo also uses extensions knitted into cornrows complete with twists. The diagonal part of this hairstyle and the angled braided pattern are the main wow factors of the look. So one pigtail sits higher than the other. So beautiful!

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 24

# 25: cute braided hairstyle for black girls

Black braided hairstyles with extensions aren’t just for adults. Little girls’ natural hair also needs protection and beautiful hair styling. These creative V-shaped braided flutes blend into beautiful twists that you can easily pull into a high pony.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 25

# 26: circular mohawk braids

If pigtails are 100% girly, braided Mohawks are more stylish and adult-like. If your little fashionista already has her taste and wants to look stylish, she’ll probably like this stunning braided Mohawk with round braids.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 26

# 27: curly Mohawk braided hairstyle for girls

Cornrows on the sides and the twisted section in the middle create a fun Mohawk for a little girl. The style is clean, relatively easy, and absolutely adult-like.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 27

# 28: Spreading Cornrows to Twists

These spread cornrows are beautiful, twist braids with twisted ends. Your girl can set them loose or pack a high pony – always looking beautiful and elegant with this hairstyle.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 28

# 29: chunky purple inner-outer cornrows

Older girls can experiment with semi-permanent dyes. These thicker purple cornrows look cool on contrast with dark roots. Chunky cornrows are quicker and easier to braid, and that means you can change hairstyles more often.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 29

# 30: skinny braids for kids with extensions

Cornrows for black girls are a great idea for adding length to natural hair. You can also style quick buns and ponytails. All you have to do is choose the size and design of the cornrows.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 30

# 31: cornrows and black crown braid

Here is an adorable way to crown your little princess. Cornrows are great, but when you add an element of interest, like a true crown braid, it’s great and attractive for two girls.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 31

# 32: curly braided pony for girls

A side pony is perhaps not the most creative hairstyle you can imagine, but does it matter as long as it looks beautiful? Take cute spiral curls at the ends of the braids and wrap the pony base in a braid to hide the elasticity.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 32

# 33: fun braid styles for girls

Box braids are a valuable alternative to cornrows. You can take them very long, use colored strands and change styles in a matter of minutes. These can include freely hanging side part braids, half up bun, low or high pony, top knot or fishtail to name a few. More freedom in different hairstyles is a big plus.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 33

# 34: cross braid with beaded ends

This cutie looks so stylish! Very tight and pretty thick cross braids with sharp sections and perfect edges look pretty inspiring, huh? Beads for the ends are a nice solution for finishing the braids.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 34

# 35: thick box braids

These are not like other people’s braids and they give a unique texture. If your daughter prefers to hang them, thick braids are a good choice.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 35

Creative designs of braids for kids

Three fine braids can be a base for a braided headband with strands running through a waterfall braid. It’s the perfect hairstyle for a girl with long thin straight hair.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 36

# 37: chunky lacy double braid

The two most creative braid hairstyles blend two different types of braids into one style. This sophisticated creation, unusual and stylish wow!

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 37

# 38: crown braided hairstyle for kids

If your daughter has long hair, she will love this crown braid! Make it loose and lacy to enhance the resemblance with a true princess’s crown.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 38

# 39: braids for girls in half updos

Long hair will fall on your face if you don’t do it in a bouffant, half updo or braid. For days when you want to enjoy free flowing strands with comfort and interest, try this cute half up waterfall braid with a bow.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 39


#40: braids for little girls

This circular French braid stands out thanks to the V-shaped part and the contrasting braided ribbon. Your daughter will be in the center of everyone’s attention with this yummy updo.

braids kids 40 splendid braid styles 40

Young girls are also little women who try to be beautiful and express themselves with beautiful hairstyles and dresses. It is important to choose a hairstyle for your baby, listening carefully to what he wants. We wish you many smiles and successful experiences with Girly hairstyles!