Benefits – Indications of the Hot Springs

Indications of the Hot Springs If to the location of the spas, in areas of great vegetation and pure air, we combine physical and mental tranquility, rational nutrition, and the release of alcohol, tobacco and medications that they promote, we have that they are by themselves, an ideal place to regain physical form and a certain degree of mental balance.

The therapeutic activity of thermal water allows you to combine rest and relaxation with toning and tuning. Thermal cures are preventive and curative, while contributing to the rehabilitation of the patient.

Chronic conditions of the respiratory, locomotor and digestive systems are the most benefited by the effects of hydrotherapy. Along with these typical treatments, there are others that are increasingly in demand: weight loss, beauty, cellulite or “rejuvenation” cures.

There is a great variety of techniques for administering mineral-medicinal waters: drinking, showers, mud, massage.

Each spa uses one or the other depending on the character of the water (sodium, sulfur, ferruginous, sulfated, bicarbonate, carbonic, etc.) and the facilities it has.

To achieve the desired benefits, the ailments must be treated twice a year, in sessions of 15 days.

However, there are cases such as anti-stress treatments, very fashionable among young people, which can be performed during a weekend.

Therapeutic indications of mineral-medicinal waters

Digestive system, respiratory system, kidney and urinary tract, trauma and rheumatism, circulatory system, gynecology, nervous system, dermatology.

  • Sodium : Stimulants
  • Sulfurized : Beneficial action on the skin, respiratory and locomotor system
  • Ferroginous : They favor the regeneration of the blood. The cases of anemia improve. They act on skin diseases. They collaborate with slimming regimens.
  • Radioactive : sedative and analgesic effects to combat stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Sulfated : Cleansers and diuretics.
  • Bicarbonated : Digestive system problems.
  • Carbonic : They stimulate the appetite and promote the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

General contraindications

  • Active phase infections
  • Decompensated heart disease
  • Severe liver or kidney failure
  • Malignant tumors
  • Severe hypertension
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pulmonary and laryngeal tuberculosis
  • Moist skin diseases.