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Belkin 3-Outlet Power Cube Review: Just enough to be useful

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Compact desktop design 5-foot power cord with 90-degree plug 18W combo USB-A charging on three ports


No USB-C power port Relatively low maximum amperage (10A) across AC jacks No overvoltage protection

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If you want the smallest useful power extension for AC and USB-A devices and don’t also need surge protection, the Belkin 3-Output Power Cube with USB-A Ports is for you.

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The Belkin 3-Outlet Power Cube with USB-A is the latest in a long line of competitors looking to bring AC and USB power closer to where your devices are, instead of adding plugs and jacks under one writing desk. The compact cube features three AC outlets and three USB-A charging ports connected to a 1.5-meter power cord. The cube can sit perfectly on top of a desk. Placing the three outlets and a set of USB ports on different faces of the cube means you can use each outlet without interfering with the others. Cube measures approximately 2.5 inches on each side.

The simple design comes with a low list price of $24.99. But Belkin, forgive me, has cut corners in the interest of price and small size.

This review is part of TechHive’s in-depth coverage the best surge protectors.

The three AC outlets combined cannot draw more than 10 amps of power (1,150 watts). This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases. Most power strips are rated between 15A and 25A, but unless you’re plugging in a space heater, dehumidifier, or multiple loaded tower computers, you shouldn’t exceed the 10A limit. do, the power LED turns off. To reset it, you need to remove the power load and then insert a paper clip into a tiny reset hole under the cube to reset it.

origin 1Belkin’s 3-Outlet Power Cube puts three AC outlets and three USB-A power ports right where you need them, but don’t buy it if you also need surge protection.


The three USB-A jacks have better limits: they can output up to 18W between them, enough load for single devices (which often can’t exceed a 12W draw) or even three connected at the same time that draw 6W each. That said, it feels strange to offer a modern power device that doesn’t offer USB-C support with at least 15 or 20W.

Buyers should also be aware that this is not a surge protector. Belkin notes that the unit protects against “short-circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature situations,” but other than the over-current situation, which trips the internal breaker to reset, Belkin doesn’t provide details on how those protections work. they express.

Is the Belkin 3-Outlet Power Cube a good value?

The Belkin 3-Outlet Power Cube might be for you if you want a compact, affordable power extension right on your desk that’s small enough to roll up and take on the go.