Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week -!

And the month of December arrived. Thus, without wanting to or drinking it, we reached the end of 2021 which has been a year full of. .. of everything there has been and for having, almost better we don’t even name. Therefore, it is time to celebrate, to face the Christmas holidays that we have around the corner with the best face, feeling beautiful for what we leave you, which these days are our five essentials.

A treatment This week we begin the review with a treatment but not one for the body or face, but one for the hair that we find in Vanitas Espai and that, according to They tell us, it is the solution to alleviate the effects of the keratin treatments that we do.

And it is that, after a treatment of this type, when the hair begins to grow, the new roots, In contrast to treated hair, they give a disheveled appearance that until now was solved by making another keratin. Well, the solution they give us is called 3 in 1 and it is a nourishing treatment based on keratin, natural oils and silk and wheat proteins that shapes the hair at different intensities depending on how you work with the iron.

Thus, they would begin by applying the cream based on oils and proteins on the entire hair and then proceed to the ironing step, depending on the type of hair and the finish to be achieved on the roots, to finish washing with a sulfate-free shampoo and dry it with a hairdryer.

In this way, not only do we put an end to the root effect but also, as he tells us, “as its effect it is temporary, as the roots grow, the hair treated with 3 in 1 gradually loses its shape, which finally ends with the contrast of textures. ”

As for the price, it depends on the length and type of hair, so it would be from about 230 euros. Vanitas Espai is in the C / Paris 204 of Barcelona and their telephone numbers are 934 682 450 / 933 156 98.

A getaway It has been several weeks since we proposed a tourism plan related to beauty and well-being. So now that certainly stressful and gift-laden dates are approaching, perhaps it is time to consider a getaway even for the weekend to destinations such as Tivoli Marina Vilamoura and Tivoli Carvoeiro in the Portuguese Algarve.

The main novelty of these great hotels is that they have just included Natura Bissé products and treatments in their spa and we couldn’t help but notice them. And, according to what they tell us, this space is perfect to “disconnect and reconnect”, to take care of yourself, and enjoy wellness accompanied by experts in wellness.

Thus, we can now enjoy the brand’s innovative and exclusive facial and body treatments, such as its iconic treatment Pure Air Bubble , a bubble where the air is purified to create an atmosphere completely free of toxins, allergens and pollution, thus allowing the brand’s products to penetrate deeper into the skin, and achieving a more effective and visible result.

A gift Since Christmas is near I have to recommend a gift with which you are going to conquer any addicted beauty because it is a real jewel, a wonder, a fantasy …

This is the eye palette Instant Eye Palette in Smokey Eyes Are Forever by Charlotte Tilbury which is from her collection of Christmas that, I believe, is the most ideal that you will see, and contains 12 magic shadows divided as in 4 looks, although we can mix well, to get a look with the shine and the glow typical of Charlotte.

It is a true palette wonder, since I saw it I fell in love and when I tried it, I fell directly in love with those matte shadows with coated pigments that make them very pigmented and at the same time easy to blend, ideal metallic tones that shine that is delightful … A delight. Its price is 75 euros and I assure you that it is a safe bet.

A solidarity initiative You already know that Cantabria Labs collaborates with the Rafa Nadal Foundation. Well, this December they have put on sale the limited edition of their Christmas solidarity gift , the entire funds of which will go to The Centers of the Rafa Nadal Foundation of Palma de Mallorca and Valencia, to support the programs of the psychological health team to which they access the more than 336 children in vulnerable situations.

It is a bottle of 450 ml made of double-walled stainless steel, vacuum insulated and that allows to keep drinks cold or hot throughout the day, which has a design inspired by the values ​​shared by Cantabria Labs and the Rafa Nadal Foundation. It has a price of 20 euros and is already on sale. Without a doubt, a great way to put a grain of sand more.

A product Today I want to talk to you about Plankton Restore Hand Cream by AlSkin Cosmetics, a moisturizing and repairing hand cream that I have just discovered and that has become the perfect ally to take care of my hands.

To begin with, it comes in a glass jar format, which I think is great to always have on my work desk, where I use these creams the most because it is where they dry out the most.

Among its ingredients we find Spirulina BIO which is an organic microalgae with a high percentage of proteins, and minerals that acts as a moisturizer, remineralizer and firming, providing nutrition and elasticity to the skin, preventing aging and preventing cell oxidation; BIO Shea butter with moisturizing and emollient properties that provides elasticity and flexibility to the skin, recovering the firmness and structure of the dermis ; and Calendula BIO which is characterized by having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, emollient, healing and re-epithelializing properties that help to strengthen, repair, and improve the appearance and health of the skin most exposed to external factors.

Honestly, I love it and it has become a great ally now that the cold is raging and that the hands belong to the parties of the body that notice it the most. Its price is 15 euros.

Photo | @asos, @vanitasespai, Jared and assigned by brands