Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

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Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

And after the Christmas hangover, we get back to normality, routine and good work. the month of January continues and one more Friday, here we come to review the five essentials of the week with whom we feel good, feel beautiful on the outside and also on the inside.

A treatment

We start with a treatment of those with which to relax and feel great that we find in Oxigen and that is a facial massage called Kenkou that combines slow and long maneuvers with short, agile and fast movements to achieve, in 90 minutes, one visible lifting of the face while the client feels a powerful anti-stress cure.

Inspired by ancestral therapy, it is perfect not only for those who demand a firming facial protocol with an immediate effect, and it is especially recommended for those people who suffer bruxism, cervical problems or migraines, to mitigate that constant contracture that not only causes physical discomfort, but is transferred to a stressed rictus.

The ritual begins with a deep cleansing of the face, neck and décolletage, with extractions if necessary, followed by an exfoliation to renew the surface of the epidermis. After this preparation, the massage begins in a very slow and relaxed way to increase the speed until reaching vigorous short, fast and very agile maneuvers that will work each of the facial muscles involved to unlock and reposition. After the quick section of the massage, slow and long movements are recovered to finish in a level of absolute relaxation.

Its duration is 90 minutes and is priced at 128 €.

A bell

Without a doubt, these days the MAC Cosmetics with Cher. Is named “Challenge Accepted” and consists of bringing out our beauty by putting the brand’s cosmetic products to the test.

An initiative

This week we have to talk about the initiative of NYX Professional Makeup Spain together with the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and more (FELGTBI+ ) who have launched a training scholarship program aimed at improving the employability opportunities of people who belong to the trans group.

This initiative, which is part of the socio-labor insertion program for trans people “Yes, We Trans” , aims to help members of this group who find themselves in a precarious employment situation, to develop their skills in a professional environment and finally achieve a job within the cosmetics and personal image sector.

The project has the support of two of the most important cosmetic schools in Spain: DNI School and Thuya Escola, which will make available to the initiative 4 and 2 training places, respectively, in their official courses; In addition, an official certificate that will accredit the completion of said training.

NYX Professional Makeup Spain will support to the Yes, We Trans program, as well as funding the scholarships through a donation from 15.000€ to FELGTBI+ , who will be in charge of selecting the students from among all the applications received. This collaboration represents a step further in their project Proud Allies for All which aims to create a fairer and more diverse society.

A signing discount

Now that we are on sale, aesthetic medicine and laser hair removal centers such as Hedonai launch their discounts. That is why they offer us up to a 25% in laser hair removal in all areas, with diode laser and professional experts in charge to get rid of hair definitively; but they also have up to a 000% discounts on medicine and aesthetic facial and body care treatments such as antiaging peels, botulinum toxin, facial and body mesotherapy…

A perfume (for men)

Today I have to recommend you as a product the new perfume from Dior Homme Sport, by master perfumer François Demachy and that, beyond the existing fragrance, have nuanced the liveliness of its citrus with the addition of new spices and a touch of incense and amber. The result is a fragrance that continues to transmit energy and freshness, now with a new enveloping and sensual dimension.

It has, as Top Notes, aldehydes, lemon (acid lime) and bergamot; as middle notes are elemi and pink pepper; and among the Base Notes are woody notes, olibanum incense (francincense) and amber.

It has a price of 114 euros and it smells amazing. Come on, not only will the boys in the house love it, but also us when we hug them.

Photo | @asos