Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

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Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

First Friday of 2022 after the passage of Christmas with him we return to normality, routine and, therefore, our five essentials of the week with whom we feel beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside, five signings that are very worthwhile.

A treatment

We return to good habits and we do it with a treatment to start the year that they propose to us from Selvarrosa in Madrid.

This is the Detox Facial Cleansing treatment indicated for mature skin that suffers from oily skin. And it is that the appearance of imperfections in these skins may be due to genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, misuse of cosmetics or food and are much more common than is believed.

To treat them, the Detox Facial Cleansing treatment consists of a exfoliation and renewal of the skin and the absorption of excess sebum. Its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action is respectful with the skin and the end result is a clean, nourished and smooth skin.

In addition, a cleansing mask based on spirulina is applied that revitalizes and firms the skin or a clay mask with a calming effect.

Its price ranges from 35 and the 86 euros and we find it in the Piedmont street 20 of Madrid , with telephones 606 71 35 00 Y 918 18 99 46.

A signing for skin care

Now that we are in time to go skiing, it is time to take care of our skin in a special way, so we are going to recommend a product that is a real addition: Cold Cream by Bioline Jatò.

Well, this cream is one of those that has the ability to provide extreme comfort to skins that need extra protection , especially suitable for skin that is suffering from a significant oxidative stress and extreme dryness . Therefore, Cold Cream is perfect to apply when we do activities outside , since it acts as protective barrier at low temperatures.

In addition, according to what the brand tells us, this product is suitable for any type of skin, especially advisable for dry and sensitive skin since deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, melts perfectly and does not leave it feeling greasy.

Among its main ingredients we find Hemp oil, Rice oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Calendula extract, which makes it an ally to protect, soothe and nourish the skin instantly. Its price is 70 euros with 100 ml. and is available in specialized aesthetic centers .

A bell

The 26 of the line Capture Totale which features Toni Garrn as the main character , as she is the new ambassador after taking over from Gisele Bundchen.

This material has been created to support the launch of the new Essence Lotion which is the new great product of the Maison and about which I will talk more in depth soon. A sustainable commitment

Now that we are in time to fulfill our purposes, what better time than to refer to the project Green Mission of the group Pierre Fabre with whom commit to innovate in sustainable and responsible way, designing its products in an ecological way, reducing the environmental footprint, deepening every day in its social responsibility with the human beings and territories.

Thus, it aspires to continuously promote and support its commitments, working at all levels of the Group in France and internationally in synergy with all departments.

  • 2023: 89% of new extracts are developed from organic plants or without phytosanitary treatment
  • 2024: 20% reduction in water consumption vs. 2018
  • 2025: 30% reduction in CO2 emissions vs. 2015, 26% reduction in energy consumption vs. 2015, 26% of energy used from renewable sources, 15% reduction of our waste vs. 2018

    Among the objectives already set since 2019, the 100% of the new developments produced are eco-partners -conceived and from 2023, the 50% of your turnover it will be insured by products that meet this requirement. But it is also that his actions and those of the Pierre Fabre Foundation contribute to 16 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and with the signature of the Act4 Charter Nature , participate in an alliance between companies, public authorities, scientists and environmental associations with an ambition: gain visibility to protect, enhance and restore biodiversity.

    Without a doubt, an action that we had to refer to full of good deeds.

    My new makeup basics

    And finally, I am going to tell you about these new Collistar toys that have crept into my toiletry bag and are perfect for daily use.

    Thus, we have the Maxi Blush (41 euros) which is ideal since revives and enhances the skin tone, defines the contours of the face and all this hydrating and protecting the skin at any time of the day, being long duration and luminous finish, healthy. It’s the tone 07 Confetti and it is a pink tone that cannot be better for my skin.

    Impeccable Maxi Blush Collistar

    Added to this are the individual shades Impeccable by Collistar ( 20, 50 euros ) in the Paprika shades in a matte finish and Campagne in a metallic satin finish, which are the perfect combo for the day to day with which to mark and illuminate, to finish with a touch of the Infinite mascara ( 26, 50 euros ) that opens the eyes, gives volume and has a great duration.

    Collistar Infinity Eye Mask

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