Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

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Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week

Christmas is here. Today we celebrate Christmas Eve but, not for that reason, we are going to stop talking about those five essential of our week with whom we feel beautiful and feel good, of whom we can take very good note these days.

A treatment

Now that the end of the year is coming and new resolutions are beginning to emerge, what better time to consider taking care of our smile. Therefore, we want to propose you the teeth whitening that they propose to us from Dr. Smile .

Thus, they bring us a whitening kit at home with a whitening agent that lightens the enamel, or more precisely, the pigments it contains and, whose process can be accelerated by heat (UV or laser light).

According to what the brand tells us, it seems that very high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are sometimes used in dental practices, while in home whitening the concentrations are lower.

Thus, with the Dr. Smile whitening kit the dentist provides custom plastic aligners into which the whitening gel can be poured and worn at home for one to two hours a day, usually for a total of two weeks, depending on the desired whitening result.

It is priced at about 250 euros and nothing better than consulting the official website for more information.

A release

Yes, this holiday season we also have those releases that are worth considering. This is the new cosmetics firm called Innia Beauty a self-described beauty conscious brand “Conscious Beauty” since its purpose is to be more than a cosmetic, but to be a lifestyle, choosing local suppliers, sustainable raw materials, and trying to reduce the use of plastics as much as possible, donate part of the profits to associations, …

A sustainable beauty brand with glass jars 100% recyclable, outer boxes with FSC seal that guarantees sustainable forest management , without plastic.

And what do we find? Well 5 references of vegan cosmetics , alternatives for all those ingredients of animal origin with their own formulas that contain the optimal concentration of active ingredients to be effective.

Specifically, we find soothing niacinamide serum ( 19, 95 euros ), Bakuchiol Serum ( 29, 95 euros ), Antioxidant cream ( 29, 95 euros ), Moisturizing gel cream ( 27, 95 euros ) , Gentle facial cleanser ( 18, 95 euros ) and several packs.

A getaway

As a getaway, we suggest you go to Andorra, at Park Piolets MountainHotel & Spa where you can enjoy spending Christmas, skiing and spending a luxurious time with your family or partner.

But it is that for non-skiers, it also offers a free entry option the ‘Spa Wellness & Relax’ where guests can enjoy rest, tranquility and disconnection. Ideal to escape from routine and stress enjoying a daily treatment to be performed every morning.

Christmas through augmented reality

We have to tell you about the latest Givenchy Parfums initiative that celebrates the magic of the Christmas season by entering, for the first time, the world of augmented reality.

The Maison has come to the New York artist Shane Fu, known for his work experimental, in which he combines graphic elements with the reality of the urban landscape. This artist has had full freedom to design a 3D object that explores the fantasy of the Holidays.

The three videos were shot in Shanghai , Paris or Moscow and show this digital creation, inspired by Givenchy beauty codes, which gives each city an even more magical dimension.

The 4G’s logo of the Maison appears inside a snowy pomp suspended in the air and wrapped in a bow of three tones. The colors evoke the atmosphere of the Christmas digital campaign created by the brand and the shades of the most iconic fragrances: L’Interdit and Irresistible. Givenchy Parfums also commissioned Shane Fu to design an Instagram filter, allowing anyone to bring this wonderful 3D creation to a setting of their choice.

A product

And as a product of the week I have to tell you about a basic in all my parties and special events which are the Germinal Flash Ampoules that are always a safe bet to show off a perfect face.

And it is that they have immediate tightening effect, favors the synthesis of collagen and elastin, hydrates and nourishes the skin and provides elasticity, flexibility and softness to the skin , which is ideal to use from primer before makeup.

Without a doubt, I always have them on hand and they are a safe bet to have a good face at the moment without any effort. Its price is 14, 99 euros.

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