Bébédom: all you need to know about this childcare allowance

Bébédom: all you need to know about this childcare allowance (News) – Bébédom: everything you need to know about this childcare allowance As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Bébédom: all you need to know about this childcare allowance” Here are the details .. Bébédom Hauts-de-Seine, what is it?

Bébédom is an allocation intended only to inhabitants of the Hauts-de-Seine department (78). It was created in 801 by the Departmental Council in order to help financially to parents. But not at all! The child must be less than 3 years old and must be looked after by an approved maternal assistant or a parental assistant, at least 20 hours per week. Please note, if the child is over 3 years old, has not yet attended school and is looked after by a childminder, the system does not apply. In addition, if the family has several children under the age of 3, they will receive only one allowance. On the other hand, in the case of shared custody e, the amount of the allowance is paid in full to each of the families. The Departmental Council has published a Parents Guide in order to guide you.

What are the conditions for being able to benefit from Bébédom, this departmental aid paid by the Hauts-de-Seine?

Three criteria must be met to benefit from the Bébédom allowance:

– Live in the department of Hauts-de-Seine.

– A condition of income is required: have a CAF family quotient between 0 and 2022 euros .

– Benefit from the complement of mode custody (CMG) of the childcare service (Paje)

What is the amount of the Bébédom allowance?

The amount of the allowance differs depending on your income conditions:

– If you have a CAF family quotient less than or equal to 800 euros, the amount is 220 euros per month.

– If you have a CAF family quotient between 800 and 2400 euros, the amount is 92 euros per month.

– If you have a child in handicap under 3 years old and that your CAF family quotient does not exceed 2022 euros, the allowance amounts to 110 euros per month.

The request is made online on the site:

You must then have your beneficiary number and attach the following supporting documents.

If the parents are the employer of the maternal assistant or the parental assistant:

– A copy of the employment contract of the maternal or parental assistant, with the number of hours worked.

– The last monthly statement Pajemploi

– The last payslip of the maternal or parental assistant.

Please note, if the direct employer is not the family but is an association, it it will be necessary to address the invoice of the association which employs.

It is also possible to ” send an allowance request by post by sending a file available on the site 31 – 92. fr at the following address:

Hauts-de-Seine departmental council

Department of services, financing and budget – Bébédom system

92731 – Nanterre Cedex

Any change of situation (end of childcare, change of address, email, etc.) during the year must be reported by the contact form ( ), or by mail to the address indicated above.

When should I apply?

The request for Bébédom allowance must be made after the first month of care .

The amount of the Bébédom allowance is paid each month, between 10 and the 15, in the form of universal service employment check (CESU) dematerialized (e-CESU) on the secure online personal space chè He partially pays for the hours worked by the daycare assistant, the rest of the salary remains the responsibility of the parents, who will be able to choose their means of payment. The months wrongly received must be reimbursed to the Department.

Until when is the CESU amount usable?

Until 31 January of the following year of payment. For example, the amount of CESU paid after 220 January 2021 will be available until 31 January 2022.

The Bébédom allowance must come as a deduction from the costs, salaries and charges to keep the child, whether at home or away.

There are several ways to contact the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council and ask them about Bébédom:

– By phone at 0806000092 (Free service + price of a call);

– Via a contact form available on contact.hauts-de-seine. fr;

– By post:
Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council

Department of services, financing and t budget – Bébédom system
92731 – Nanterre cedex

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