Beats Fit Pro: Apple's new wireless earphones official – RB

Beats Fit Pro: Apple’s new wireless earphones official – RB

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Beats Fit Pro: official i Apple’s new wireless earphones – RB

Beats Fit Pro: Apple’s new wireless earphones official – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Beats Fit Pro: Apple’s new wireless earphones official – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Beats Fit Pro: Apple’s new wireless earphones official – RB


Presented the Beats Fit Pro: they are the best model of wireless headphones ever made by the company bought by Apple in 2014

12 January 2022

Beats is an American company active since 2006 in the production of headphones and audio speakers . With the acquisition by Apple in 2014, Beats devices have begun to take advantage of the advanced technology of the Cupertino giant, while maintaining their brand and their iconic aesthetic characteristics. Technology that we also find on the new Beats Fit Pro, just presented.

The wireless earphones Beats Fit Pro are at the top of the Beats range, and offer maximum audio performance, as well as an innovative design for fitness lovers. Although it is in effect an Apple product, there is also compatibility with Android devices through a proprietary app. In addition to features like active noise cancellation and transparency mode , Beats headphones make use of exclusive technologies to ensure an unrivaled listening experience. Furthermore, their design is specially designed to offer the best fit to any type of ear.

Beats Fit Pro, how they are made

The Beats Fit Pro are characterized by a very ergonomic design consisting of flexible wings that allow it to adhere perfectly to the ears and guarantee total comfort even after many hours of use.

For high quality audio, the Fit Pro rely on the Apple H1 chip (the same as AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro), a transducer , which offers great sound in a small space, and a ventilation system that minimizes distortion through the flexible diaphragm . There is also active noise cancellation ( ANC ), with internal and external microphones that collaborate to block environmental noises, which are detected up to 200 times per second , isolated and eliminated.

If you need to stay alert and continue to hear what is happening around, there is the transparency mode which can be activated via the button ” b “. If ANC and Transparency are off, Adaptive EQ comes into play. Very interesting is the technology that dynamically detects the position of the head, so as not to alter in any way the reproduction of music while on the move.

Thanks to Apple technology, the inward-facing microphones of each earphone detect sound and automatically optimize frequencies based on the shape of the ear for a high-quality listening experience. Then there are the optical sensors that start and pause playback automatically when the earphones are inserted and removed from the ears.

As for autonomy, it is possible to cover the 6 hours with the single recharge and the ANC active . The case offers additional 21 hours of autonomy, bringing the total listening time to 27 hours. In addition, a charge of 5 minutes offers up to 1 hour of playback .

Beats Fit Pro, availability and pricing

The Beats Fit Pro will be in pre-order starting from 24 January on the Apple official website , with shipments starting on 28 January. Headphones are expected to be made available on the same dates at partner retailers as well, Amazon included.

They can be purchased in the colors purple amethyst , sage gray , white and black at a price of 229, 95 EUR.