News: Be careful, do not reproduce these 4 TikTok beauty tips at home! Sunscreen Contouring, Scalp Popping … some TikTok beauty tips are not only deceptive, they can even be dangerous! Two aesthetics specialists reveal which ones should definitely not be reproduced at home.

Every month, one billion people visit TikTok around the world, according to the latest data published by the platform’s Newsroom. A monster success that allows users to share, in particular, “life hacks”, or life tips, always more varied ( how to peel a hard-boiled egg in an instant , how to create the ideal foundation color at home …). With more or less happy success. While many tips are fun and even useful, others are simply … dangerous.

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This is the report established by Dr Savas Altan and Dr Gokhan Vayni , estheticians and hair transplant specialists at Turkish Vera Clinic. It reveals the TikTok beauty trends that must be avoided at all costs in order to preserve the health of the skin of the face, scalp and even the eyes.

The Sunscreen Contouring What is it? Sunscreen Contouring, or sunscreen contouring, consists of applying UV protection only on light areas of the face. Bridge of the nose, top of the cheekbones … by applying an SPF only on the T zone, the technique would allow natural contouring, without using makeup.

Why should you avoid it? If the trick can appear attractive, it must absolutely be banned. Once the tan lines – or sunburn! – fades away, you end up with more permanent skin damage, which presents itself in old age and is not easy to reverse. Worse, areas not protected by a sun filter are more exposed to skin cancer. Gold, ” 50 To 70 % [d’entre eux] are directly linked to overexposure to UVA / UVB rays ”, according to the League Against Cancer .

What alternative? We realize a contouring with make-up, adapting it to the shape of the face .

Toothpaste against pimples What is it? Long before the existence of TikTok, some beautystas already left toothpaste on their pimples all night, hoping to see them disappear.

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Why it is necessary to ‘Avoid? Toothpaste can cause an unpleasant rash, worsen inflammation, and even cause a chemical burn. The skin can then become painful for several days! Better to use trusted skin care products.

Which alternative? On treat buttons and stitches black according to the advice of real doctors .

The Scalp Popping What is that ? Scalp Popping consists in cracking your scalp, by winding a lock of hair on itself before pulling it. The gesture, which generates a sharp cracking noise, was notably popularized by a TikTokeuse who hoped to end headaches.

Why it should be avoided Badly done, scalp popping is like pulling your hair so hard that ‘he can bring the galea out of the skull. “The sound we hear is the galea aponeurotica – soft tissue between the scalp and the skull – which springs from the skull!” , alert Dr Gokhan Vayni, specialist in hair transplantation. It can cause bleeding on the scalp and even sores on the head. ”

What alternative? We realize a ayurvedic scalp massage , much softer!

DIY Eyebrow Tint at Home What is it? To save money and for convenience, some women dye their eyebrows themselves with products specially formulated for it. Only, on TikTok, others preferred to divert the use of beard colorings, which, according to them, would be softer than those intended for hair.

Why it should be avoided Coloring your eyebrows with a beard dye can be very dangerous: incorrectly used, the product can create blisters and skin rashes! And if the product gets into the eye, it can even lead to blindness. Avoid at all costs!

What alternative? We multiply the looks by transforming your eyebrows by 4 ways through makeup!