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Azza’s new PC case is a big glass cube and I love it

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This week at Computex, Azza has unveiled a number of unique PC cases, but that’s nothing new. This company is known for their eye-catching PC cases. In fact, it has a pyramid shaped desktop case which both confuses and delights me (I aim to achieve this state of mind on a regular basis).

These offbeat cases are more than just conversation pieces, though. They are functional. There is definitely a logic behind every design choice. Azza showed a PC case that looks like a glass terrarium and I’m here for it. Let’s dive.

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Shrine 810

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Azza’s Sanctum 810 PC case is designed to accommodate larger components and water-cooling systems. From the glass panels and airy mesh panels to the square construction and angled top piece, this case really stands out in a sea of ​​black rectangles (although it looks like the popular Hyte Y60). There’s enough space to hide all the cables in the brushed aluminum base, and the front fans, which are purposely angled away from the graphics card, direct airflow through the front mesh cover, which helps keep things looking nice and cool. fresh.

A proper cooling system is important, especially when playing more intense games, which can really make the fans spin. According to the manufacturer, the case is large enough to accommodate up to seven 120mm fans. You shouldn’t have any issues with cooling this thing down. It’s definitely more than just a statement piece, as every aspect of this design seems to serve a purpose.

More PC cases please

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Azza showed off four other cases: the Mesa 811, the Neo 5000, the Augment 510 and the Augment Pro 520. The Mesa 811 (pictured above) features a diamond shape with glass panels and aluminum pieces with cutouts. The front houses three fans while the rear only fits one. In other words, there should be plenty of ventilation. Don’t let the asymmetrical design fool you, though. It can accommodate E-ATX motherboards and graphics cards up to 380mm.

The Neo 5000 looks more like your typical desktop tower. However, it wouldn’t be an Azza PC case without some drama. The front of this case features a mesh lining and a square cut out design. The Augment 510 and Pro 520 are made of aluminum and come with three pre-installed front fans. They have essentially the same design, but come in mid-tower and full-tower versions.

We don’t know the pricing and availability of these cases, but we’ve reached out to Azza for that information.