Azerion, merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it at RB – RB

Azerion, merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it to RB – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of Azerion, merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it to RB – RB here.

Azerion , merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it to RB – RB

Azerion, merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it at RB – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Azerion, merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it to RB – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Azerion, merger with EFIC1 and listing on the Stock Exchange: the protagonists talk about it to RB – RB

Azerion , a fast growing digital entertainment and media company, and EFIC1 , $pean Special Purpose Acquisition Company, jointly announce that they have reached an agreement to create a merger leading Azerion to become a listed company.

The newco will be called Azerion Group NV and will start trading on the $next list of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange at the beginning of February of the 2022. With a company value of 1.3 billion $ , the corporate merger between Azerion and EFIC1 will strengthen the positioning of Azerion as a $pean powerhouse in the digital entertainment sector (net revenues of 83, $ 5 million in the third quarter of 2021) facilitating access to capital markets.

The merger with EFIC1 will allow Azerion to exploit opportunities in the digital entertainment and digital advertising markets as well as allow the company to invest in the development of innovative technologies such as augmented reality / virtual , blockchain and innovative programmatic advertising .

Umut Akpinar and Atilla Aytekin are both co-founders and CEO of Azerion: RB interviewed them, together with the Country Manager in Italy Nicolò Palestino, to investigate the main aspects of the listing and its impact in our country.

How did the merger between Azerion and EFIC1 come about?

Azerion has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2014. We have always been looking for effective ways to build on this growth, consolidating our position as a leader in the markets in which we operate. We needed a partner who could understand and help us be positioned as a much stronger player for investors. We found this partner in EFIC1, a highly reliable and well established publicly traded company. The Business Combination with EFIC1 and the subsequent public listing will not only give us access to the capital market, but will also help us consolidate our profile among client and partner groups, as well as increase our talented workforce to global level. The earnings from the merger will be used to pursue strategic acquisitions across $pe and to further invest in organic growth initiatives (such as new games and features, platform investments, etc.), as well as for general business purposes.

Speaking of acquisitions, the one just concluded was an important year for Azerion: would you like to tell us about it?

Azerion sees M&A as a key part of its growth strategy. We have many years of experience in M&A, capturing revenues and leveraging the synergies related to the effective integration of acquisitions over time. In 2021 we completed no less than 9 strategic acquisitions, a number that has enabled us to be the market leader in the Adtech sector in France, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom, among others. These acquisitions help us grow and improve our platform with the best features, new content, new customer management resources. The Business Combination will enable the platform to accelerate scalability with the majority of primary proceeds being reinvested in a robust and visible future M&A network.

27 billions of dollars in sales in 2021 and a number of searches on Google which even surpasses that of Cryptocurrencies: we are talking about NFTs. What approach do you have to this topic?

The introduction of new technologies like NFTs, supported by blockchain infrastructures, it is opening up a new realm of opportunity for both gamers and advertisers. We are already seeing strong endorsement of NFTs from social players and for this we have already introduced a collection of NFT avatars into our Habbo Hotel environment at the end of September 2021. The entire collection (more than 10. 000 randomly generated Habbo avatars) were sold within one hour of release. We are also aware of the concerns and questions that remain about the environmental impact of NFTs. Habbo Hotel is in fact working closely with Offsetra to offset the increased carbon footprint associated with NFT mining by investing in environmental programs, such as the development of renewable energy.

Let us now enter into the merits of the Italian market, with the help of the Country Manager Azerion Italy, Nicolò Palestino.

Nicolò Palestino - Azerion

What are the impacts in Italy of Azerion’s M&A with EFIC1?

There was a lot of positive market attention when we announced the merger with EFIC1, which is definitely something we can benefit from. But Azerion’s expectations on the Italian market are also to grow and consolidate our position locally. The Italian advertising, media and ad-tech market is full of potential and we believe there are great opportunities this year.

Your company arrived in Italy in 2019, the year before the pandemic: how have market scenarios changed in just over two years?

We noticed that after the first few months of 2020, when the sector was in “full pandemic”, there was an impressive an expression of resilience by advertisers, publishers and media agencies. The market we operate in is known for being fast and flexible, but I was positively surprised by the reaction it has had over the past two years. What we have noticed is that everything is happening faster now, advertisers and agencies take less time to act on their strategies, and publishers are looking for solutions to help them cope with the new pace. I believe that smaller companies may have undergone this change, but our unique positioning thanks to our “one-stop-store” platform has found us ready for the new speed and efficiency requirements that today’s market demands.

So how do you plan to strategically move in our country between now and the next two years?

While we were working to increase our revenues, our relevance and positioning on the Italian market in recent years, we were simultaneously listening to the needs of our partners and started also to shape Azerion Italia by looking at our specific requests and local challenges. In the future we will pursue what our partners are looking for, thanks to the synergies we put in place within Azerion and we will continue to select the most suitable solutions to implement our portfolio in Italy.