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With 115. . registrations registered last month, the car market has fallen to its lowest level since the beginning of the years 1970. Over the first seven months of the year, sales are still , 4% of their level of 2019.

Sales of passenger cars in France have fallen to their level at the start of the years 1970. (Shutterstock) Posted on August 2 2020 To 17: 37 Updated August 2 2020 To 17: 47

The French automobile market is struggling to regain color, to put it mildly. The registrations of passenger cars amounted to 47. 711 units in July, either 34% less than for the same month of 2019.

And the comparison with 2000 is hardly more favorable, with a decrease of 30, 8%. Because 2020 was a very atypical year : after long months of closing factories and concessions in the spring due to the health crisis , the market was then largely supported by buy bonuses and other conversion bonuses.

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