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At CES 2023, LG will be pulling a Samsung with its new soundbars

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Three years ago at CES, Samsung unveiled a new feature when it comes to soundbars: the ability to sync the drivers on their new soundbar models with the speakers on high-end Samsung TVs.

In addition to offering more immersive audio for users, Q-Symphony feature from Samsung offers a key benefit to the company itself: helping to ensure that Samsung TV customers choose a Samsung soundbar to pair with their Sammy sets.

That lesson clearly hasn’t been lost on LG, which will take the stage at CES in January with a pair of new soundbars that, surprise!, can sync their drivers to the speakers of supported LG TVs.

LG’s WOW Orchestra feature will work on the SC9S, a new 3.1.3-channel soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and an “exclusive” mounting bracket for use with LG C2 and C3 OLED TVs, as well as the SE6S (pictured above), a revamp of last year’s Eclair soundbar that ditches the wireless subwoofer for an all-in-one 3.0-channel setup.

In addition to arriving on two new LG soundbars, WOW Orchestra will arrive on most of LG’s 2022 soundbar lineup via a mid-year firmware update, the company said.

WOW Orchestra is part of LG’s new WOW Synergy strategy, which includes WOW Interface, a Roku TV Ready-style feature that allows LG TV owners to control settings on their (supported) LG soundbars using their TV’s on-screen interface. TV.

origin 1LG’s new soundbars will feature a new mounting bracket designed to “perfectly” complement LG’s C2 and C3 OLED TVs.


LG has offered soundbar features in the past that relied on a TV made by LG. For example, TV Sound Mode Share allows newer LG soundbars to directly tap into the audio processing capabilities of an LG TV, bypassing the soundbar’s own sound modes.

But while TV Sound Mode Share was a nifty but skippable extra, LG is marketing WOW Orchestra as a core feature for unlocking the full audio performance of your new LG soundbar, similar to how Samsung promotes its Q-Symphony soundbars.

WOW Orchestra and WOW Interface aren’t the only new features coming to LG’s 2022 and 2023 soundbars.

Also available is Triple Level Spatial Sound, which leverages the front-firing and up-firing drivers on LG soundbars to add a “virtual intermediate” sound level that helps create a “sound dome” around listeners, while a “Smart Up – mixer” can upmix 2.0 channel stereo audio to 9.1.2 channel audio.

LG has its say triple up-firing speakers for height cueswhich were introduced at CES 2022, will make their way into the manufacturer’s mid-range soundbars, including the new SE6S Eclair all-in-one soundbar.

As for the upcoming 3.1.3-channel SC95 soundbar, LG says the included bracket was designed to fit LG’s C2 and C3 TVs “snugly,” offering an alternative to wall-mounting the SC95 separate from your TV.

The bracket can be used in either a wall-mounted or pedestal configuration, while also ensuring that the SC95’s triple up-firing speaker array is ‘optimally’ positioned in relation to the screen.