Apple Watch 8 will disappoint many: here's why – RB

Apple Watch 8 will disappoint many: here’s why – RB

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Apple Watch 8 will disappoint many: here’s why – RB

Apple Watch 8 will disappoint many: that’s why – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Apple Watch 8 will disappoint many: here’s why – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Apple Watch 8 will disappoint many – here’s why – RB


According to Mark Gurman, Apple Watch 8 will lack some features and sensors already expected on the model 2021: here are which ones

12 January 2022

With the arrival of the new year, various hypotheses begin to leak on what the design and hardware sector of the devices Apple could be like. This does not only concern iPhone and iPad , but also the smartwatches produced by the company, with the next Apple Watch 8 which is already starting to be talked about a few months after the debut of Apple Watch 7.

After all, it is one of the most popular smart watches on the market, produced by one of the most advanced companies in terms of innovative technologies. However, it seems that even this year we will have to “settle”, giving up one of the features that should have already been introduced on Apple Watch 7. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman , in fact, it was said pessimistic about its adoption by the new smartwatches. Despite this, the giant from Cupertino certainly does not need to chase its rivals, and new technologies will only arrive when they are deemed reliable.

Apple Watch 8, what will be missing

Both Gurman and the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had repeatedly announced the arrival of the sensor for detecting the body temperature on Apple Watch, but it looks like that won’t happen in the either . This was the most anticipated feature and was also more likely to be introduced than blood pressure and blood glucose level monitoring.

The sensor in question, in fact, is already used by companies such as Fitbit on their smartwatches to provide advanced statistics on the sleep quality , on the

stress and on recovery after training. Its adoption would help Apple also improve cycle tracking and implement the fertility features long awaited by the female audience.

In the recent Power On newsletter, Gurman himself stated that none of these features will be present on Apple Watch 8: the detection of body temperature will be postponed to subsequent models, while for the other two it will be necessary to wait at least two or three years.

Apple Watch 8, what’s new

In view of the fact that new health monitoring features may be missing this year, Apple Watch 8 could focus on improving those currently present. The hardware part could therefore be enhanced and software updates could arrive that would improve the use of current components. Among the most anticipated developments, for example, figure the extension of the battery life .

Mark Gurman had also stated that, with the 8 series, Apple would release a more resistant variant dedicated to sportsmen and one entry-level . However, it is still early days for such a hypothesis.