Apple, which released the second developer beta version of iOS 14.2, revealed the new emojis to be presented to users with the new version.

US-based technology giant Apple has released a new beta version of the nascent operating system iOS 14. The version called ” iOS 14.2 Beta 2 ” can only be tested by developers for now. According to the news from the developers, the new beta version brings new emojis with it. iPhone users will be able to start experiencing new emojis with the release of the iOS 14.2 upgrade.

As a matter of fact, iOS 14’s new emojis are not the first time we see them. The Unicode Consortium had already approved version 13.0 of Emoji earlier this year. When we came to July, we saw some of the new emojis. With the new beta version offered, Apple has shown the final designs of the new emojis to be presented to users.

Emojis seen in iOS 14.2 second developer beta

Apple Emoji Beta

Apple introduced a total of 117 new emojis this year, with the new emojis available in the second developer beta of iOS 14.2 . In the meantime, we need to share with you a detail of Apple’s launch of new emojis. The company generally releases new emoji packs on version 2 of the new mobile operating system . This is the main reason for users to the latest version incentive to.

Finally, let’s say that with iOS 14, it is quite easy to access emojis . The emoji collection search feature , which has been on the Mac platform for a while , finally came to iPhones with iOS 14. With this feature, users can access the emojis they are looking for or wondering more easily than ever before.

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