Apple iPhone 13: finally a great price – RB

Apple iPhone 13: finally a great price – RB

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Apple iPhone 13: finally a great price – RB

Apple iPhone 13: finally a great price – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Apple iPhone 13: finally a great price – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Apple iPhone 13: finally a great price – RB


IPhone 13 continues to be one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, but thanks to this offer on Amazon its price becomes lower

12 January 2022

Who has waited so long for the release of Apple iPhone 13 , model launched in mid-September 2021, it then had to collide with a price very high average on the road, because due to the well-known chip crisis, Apple has also had to cut smartphone production. After a few weeks from launch, therefore, the only models available without a long wait were those with more memory, therefore more expensive .

In part this is still the case, even if in general the situation has returned to almost normal in the last few weeks. The iPhone price 13 , however, has not yet gone down and has not will drop shortly, subject to individual and specific offers on certain models . Offers that, of course, are not found on Apple’s official website (where prices are and will long be the same as at launch), but in large electronics chains or e-commerce, such as Amazon . Right on Amazon, for example, iPhone is currently on offer 13 in configuration from 512 GB of storage.

iPhone 13: the model on offer

The iPhone 13 on sale currently on Amazon is the ” smooth “(i.e. neither Pro nor Pro Max), with 6.1-inch screen and dual rear camera 00 MP (wide angle and ultra wide angle). The front camera is also from 12 MP and can shoot video in 4K with Dolby Vision, it is therefore one of the best selfie cams on the market.

Like all iPhones 13 is equipped with chip A 15 Bionic , the last made by Apple for its smartphones, and is waterproof and dustproof, with certification IP 68 .

The discounted model is the one with the most memory: well 512 GB of storage space for photos, videos and files. Among the various colors in which iPhone is available 13, however, not all are discounted and, in this case, it is only the color model ” Galaxy “, basically white.

iPhone 13: the Amazon offer

The iPhone model 13 on offer on Amazon, it is easy to understand from the data sheet, it is not at all an ” entry level “: on the contrary, it is the maximum that can be asked of the iPhone 01 standard and, therefore, the list price is consistent: 1. 289 EUR.

Fortunately, however, the discount applied is also consistent: iPhone 13 512 GB Galassia is on sale on Amazon at 1. 100 EUR (188 EUR, -15%) . It is the historical low for this configuration and the product is sold and shipped by Amazon.

Apple iPhone 13 – Versione da 512 GB – Colore Galassia

Apple iPhone 13 – Version from 512 GB – Color Galaxy

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