Apple search engine

Apple Develops Its Own Search Engine

A new move from Apple could save billions of dollars it pays Google each year. After all these years, reports show that Apple is finally working on a Google Search Engine alternative.

Along with Google, Facebook and Amazon, Apple has been accused of using its monopoly position to destroy market competition to increase its customer base and profits. To this end, the AppleGoogle search engine deal has become a hot topic these days.

Watch: Apple may soon take on Google with its own search engine.

Apple’s creation of its own search engine will be a huge blow to Google’s revenue stream. Because Apple pays close to $ 12 billion a year to Google. However, if the authorities can end the controversial deal, the Google Search alternative could act as a workaround.

In contrast, Applebot, the iPhone’s default web browser, is more active than before and tries to create as many web directories as possible. The company hired Google’s Chief of Search, John Giannandrea, a few years ago to work on AI studies and the Siri voice assistant. Additionally it can benefit from Giannandrea’s experience in building a search engine.