Apple cancels and delays big news in iOS 15 a few weeks after its launch

Some of the more amazing features introduced with iOS 15 will not actually be available when the new system is released.

The apple company managed to surprise everyone last WWDC, despite the fact that, in theory, the new versions of its operating systems were not going to be revolutionary. The key was in several very striking functions , which could change the way we used our device.

However, a few weeks from possible iOS release 15 (probably with the new iPhone 13 to be presented in September), many of these novelties have suffered delays or directly seem to have been canceled.

For example, one of the most controversial changes was the new Safari interface , which will change on all systems; Many people will have a hard time adapting, and the iOS version has received harsh criticism from users who have installed the iOS beta 15. The problem is in a new interface that hides most of the buttons, moves the address bar to the bottom, and makes it float above the page; as a result, finding what we want to do is much more difficult, and many websites are impossible to use because the floating bar hides buttons and links.

Now, Apple seems to have given up and the latest version of iOS 15 Beta includes a toolbar more traditional addresses , at the top, and it will no longer be “floating”. As a result, the new Safari looks little like the one that was presented at the WWDC.

On the other hand, other novelties have not changed, they have only been delayed; it is a mystery whether due to developmental problems or for other reasons. Shareplay, which allows us to use FaceTime to watch movies with our friends or enjoy music together, will finally not be available at launch, and Apple has disabled it in the latest beta of iOS 15, according to 9to5Mac .

Privacy is an important issue for Apple, especially amid the controversy over file scanning on the iPhone . But the great novelty of iOS 15 in this aspect will not finally be released with the system, the App Privacy Report that shows the permissions and sensors that apps have accessed in recent days. Apple has confirmed that it will not be available , and the feature appears to be unfinished at the moment.

Other features just haven’t appeared in beta yet of iOS 15 and, at this point, it does not seem that they will be implemented in time. Universal Control, the function that allows you to switch between an iPad and a Mac as if they were the same system, was quite a coup at the conference, but it disappeared completely after the presentation, it does not appear in the beta, and Apple has not even said that it will be part of iOS 15.

It is very possible that these news will arrive, but not on iOS 15; Apple will probably release them with a minor version, like iOS 15. 5.


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