Despite the toughness that all the stores with Google Play have found, there are several that have managed to get their heads out of the water and make a dent as another alternative to download applications. One of them is APKMirror, one of the largest repositories that exist for Android.

In fact, it has been placed as one of the main alternatives if we do not want to opt for the Play Store, or if an app or game cannot be found in the official Google store.

What is APKMirror?

First, it is a repository of applications and games that has several advantages that allow it to be one of the largest platforms on the internet. In addition, over the years, developers have managed to implement it on Android, which makes it much easier to use on smartphones. In addition, it has a very noticeable component with everything related to security when downloading applications.


This occurs because all the programs available on the platform are under the signature of the developers, therefore there is no app that has been plagiarized or modified. On the other hand, the updates arrive more frequently and numerous than in the Play Store, since the figure of Google is not blocking the updates. If it is impossible to verify or verify the signature of a developer, said application will not be published in the store, thus avoiding downloading malware or fake applications.

The store has a huge selection of applications available, so we can find what we are looking for. In addition, independent developers are supported a lot, with open source applications, since the utility is awarded more than the name of the developer.

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How to install APKMirror and what you should keep in mind

Despite its improvement in Android integration, it still does not have an adapted official app. It has its own mobile website, which works as if it were an application, where we can search for the applications or games that we want to download, although in APK format that prevents it from being installed automatically. Therefore, we must manually install the app. It also has a port that is not official but that works in the same way as the web version, with its own settings section.

And how should it be done? Well, in a very simple way, whatever the route. The steps to follow are:

  1. Enter APKMirror from your mobile browser or from the unofficial app, which does not have any danger for our terminal.
  2. ApkMirror 2
  3. Search for the application you want to download, using the search engine on the web or in the app.
  4. Choose the version you want to have of the app (they are usually organized from most recent to oldest).
  5. Click on download within this version.
  6. Wait for the app’s APK files to download .
  7. Open / Run said APK.
  8. Activate the “Files from unknown sources” option .
  9. Wait for the installation to complete .
  10. Open the application once the process is complete.
  11. apk mirror3

APK Mirror Installer, available on the Play Store

It is curious that despite operating outside the Play Store, APKMirror has an official application that is housed within the Google store. It is an installer, so it should not be confused with a repository. It’s called APKInstaller, and it’s an app that’s still in early access, so it’s waiting for more improvements.

This installer is responsible for detecting the APK files to install them in the terminal automatically. It scans all the files with that extension in the storage and in the “Browse Files” option we will find all the available ones to install. It even shows details such as the version of the files or the name of the file.

ApkMirror Installer Download

ApkMirror Download


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