Apartments for rent in Barcelona designed “essence of home” by interior designer Pia Capdevila

Apartments for rent in Barcelona designed “essence of home” by the interior designer Pia Capdevila

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Apartments for rent in Barcelona designed “essence of home” by the interior designer Pia Capdevila

Apartments for rent in Barcelona designed “essence of home” by the interior designer Pia Capdevila We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Apartments for rent in Barcelona designed “essence of home” by the interior designer Pia Capdevila Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Apartments for rent in Barcelona designed “essence of home” by interior designer Pia Capdevila

In an art deco building in the center of Barcelona is located 8Sides , eight rental apartments for medium and long stays that the interior designer Pia Capdevila has been designed so that tenants “feel at home”.

Halfway between a hotel and a residential building, the building has, in addition to the apartments, spaces for common use for tenants and in all of them -in the common and private spaces-, Pia decided to provide spaces “with a very marked personality, with their own identity”, with different styles but perfectly fused in the various spaces, generating atmospheres homey and warm.

In addition to the search for a warm and comfortable character, the interior designer also took into account the personality of the building in which the apartments are located. A building completed in the year 1936 of which it is worth highlighting its late Art Deco style façade (with slight rationalist influence ), recently rehabilitated. The interior of the building hid other construction treasures such as the basement, that served as a bomb shelter during the bombing of the civil war l, in an era before the building – built around 1886-, for the that it can be said that the basement is one of the first buildings in Barcelona’s Ensanche.

Low level

On the ground floor, as soon as you cross the entrance of the building, you are greeted by an elegant space that corresponds to the old goal that has been preserved as it is, with its original marble floors, stuccoed walls and hardly any accessories, except one antique table and a hanging lamp, to enhance the effect of “entering the house” .

After crossing this distributor, on the right hand side you access the Front Desk , with an appearance of reception With the idea of ​​showing that the building offers a series of services for guests, attended in a personalized way. It is obvious the perfect integration of all the elements of this plant , creating different atmospheres to mode of small corners of being of different capacities in a wide and orderly route to the bottom of the floor, next to the rear glazed façade.

To furnish this floor, the interior designer has chosen the most classic line nuanced with contemporary touches. The colors chosen are very soft natural tones (basically brown and gray) implemented in furniture, upholstery, lamps, accessories, floors and walls. The result is a very elegant and cozy common space of passage where you can also enjoy the time reading, talking or just resting.

At the end of this same floor, there is the elevator to go up to the apartments, and you can also access them by the main staircase of the building, in a rationalist art deco style . This is another of the original key pieces that was preserved from the building, being restored with great care to restore all its splendor.

The charm of the basement

In the middle of the main floor a large stairwell opens that goes down to the basement framed by an original exposed brick wall that connects both floors. Through the flown steps, the guest

I already glimpse that the lower space is full of surprises. Because the change in the environmental record is really striking. And although the line of creating different living corners has also been followed here, it is the forms and construction materials that surround them that have imposed the distribution of the different spaces , such as the zone co-working , the meeting room, the gym and a multipurpose central space .

On this floor, Pia Capdevila wanted to enhance the essence of this historical setting, making “the original appearance of the walls not go unnoticed, faithfully maintaining the charm of the damage of the walls left by the passage of time “. Catalan vault ceilings, arcades, brick pillars and stone walls remained faithful during the reform . The only new thing about the basement is the slatted floor arranged throughout.

The space invites you to explore the space looking for the entrance of natural overhead light achieved through the opening to the rear facade. The marked industrial aspect of the construction materials is combined with more intense colors in upholstery and furniture than in the access floor, including the public bathroom, with a Victorian touch mixed with details of the English countryside.

The apartments on the upper floors

Taking into account that the stay of 8Sides guests must be, at least, 28 days , the objective of the project was to give life to some fully equipped apartments of 65 square meters each and distributed in two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), kitchen and living room.

Doors with gold moldings and handles have been chosen for the kitchen, seeking a timeless aesthetic that fits well with the building’s personality.

The two types of apartment have an outdoor space to choose from, in the form of terraces or balconies, overlooking the street or a quiet passage typical of Barcelona’s Ensanche.

For he interior design of the apartments has been carried out based on two styles. One more neutral and the other more daring although both have the same common elements in terms of colors, combining intense blue, gray and white.

The result is houses with very elegant lines with a neutral style halfway between a certain classicism (in the trim) , some art deco winks (with round gold lamps) and contemporary details such as those provided marbles (in bathrooms and kitchen) and the walnut and lacquered wood of the furniture . Precisely what is precisely intended is “not have a defined style to be able to adapt to any type of guest, focusing on creating private rooms with maximum visual amplitude and with a very careful aesthetic “, in the words of the Catalan interior designer.

The strength of the blue and the wall moldings serve as the headboard in the bedroom.

For the bathroom, the marble finish and a nice built-in tap on the wall with double control.

Last floor the common terrace with pool

The rooftop area has been dedicated mainly to outdoor leisure for guests and offers spectacular views of the city of Barcelona. It has a swimming pool next to a solarium with sun loungers, in one part, and in a larger part, there is a terrace with different seats.

On this floor there is also a small attic apartment of 40 square meters with private terrace.

Project by Pia Capdevila Interiorismo. Images Jordi Canosa. Styling Mar Gausachs.

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